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The dried up foliage imprisoned within the pages of Muse's journal crunched and crackled as she flipped through them, earning a glare from the old woman sat a few seats away. How she had heard it over the sounds of protest accompanying the bus they rode in was another mystery all together. Regardless, an apologetic curve of her lips was sent back in attempts to make amends before she tucked her things away, opting to stare out the window in silence.

Vandalized buildings and corroded pavement seemed to flow as far as the eye could see. Inwardly, she prayed that the university held more promise and beauty than the disheveled town exhibited.

Eventually, the bus slowed to a halt outside a dimly lit shop, the sign partially hidden by some obtrusive figure. Slinging the bulky duffle bag over one shoulder, she weaved down the aisle before hopping down onto the sidewalk with a courteous wave to the driver. Somber hues slid along the expanse of her surroundings, thick lips twisting to the side in contemplation. Shifting her weight to the heel of her foot, she turned back around to face the lingering bus in an attempt to inquire about the directions to her destination. No sooner had she inhaled a breath to speak that the driver moved to shut the door. An eery welcoming was all that was sent her way before he drove off, leaving her coughing behind in a cloud of polluted smoke.

"Welcome to Hathian... and good luck."

April 6, 2018 at 2:36 pm
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