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Hi, everyone! I'm looking for a RP partner for Aria in order to explore a darker and abusive story arc. The character will be a male (Don't care who's behind the screen) and this character will start out as her boyfriend and possibly become her husband at a later time.

Aria currently is:

  • A drug addict (heroin mostly, but she'll take anything she can get her hands on).
    • This is a result of all of the trauma she has both inflicted and suffered in Hathian. Getting high makes the emotional and psychological pain temporarily go away.
  • A borderline alcoholic.
    • She's always been like this. As a young child, tequila was more available than clean drinking water in her home state of Chiapas, Mexico.
  • Suffers from PTSD due to being burned by HPD at the stake.
    • See:
  • Suffers severe psychological trauma over the guilt of having drugged and raped another person, and subsequently aborted his baby.
    • This was the height of her mental breakdown and her devolvement into madness. She irrationally believed that the only way to protect herself against the MC, of which there is an extensive history of IC bad blood, was to rape one of their own and get pregnant so that she might temporarily be immune from being harmed by them.
    • In the end, she regretted this so much that she aborted the baby, but lied about it to the father.
    • This would be a good secret for her partner to extract from her and use to blackmail Aria into continuing to take the abuse.
  • Suffers severe psychological trauma over the guilt of having murdered on of HPD's finest.
    • This was an act of retaliation that Aria committed while falsely believing that the officer in question had purposefully maimed a close friend.
  • Suffers severe psychological trauma from having been raped repeatedly while awaiting sentence at the jail.
  • One of Agony's whores
    • After the murder of Officer Carrero, she lost everything and had to resort to prostituting herself to make ends meet. She was recently promoted by Kuno to sell X for the Revs, but her main gig is to still sell herself on the streets. This often opens her up to abuse from men or women who lead her to believe that they're going to pay her and subsequently attempt to extort her.
  • Has legitimately tried to kill herself on at least one occasion.

She's got a lot of baggage! But, she's slowly pulling her life back together and the place she's in now, mentally at least, is a lot better than where she was a few months ago. Slowly but surely, she's trying to rebuild her image and herself from the ground up. She's even made a few new friends. From now on out, Aria is not going to be nearly as intense, criminally speaking, as she once was. The occasional attempted robbery and even assault is still on the table, but she's actually trying to be a better person, and from the perspective of a former drug cartel associate, simply only engaging in petty crime as opposed to major crime is a step in the right direction.

With that said, because she has been abused so much and has even been an abuser herself, her pursuit of a romantic partner should be just as riddled with pitfalls. It should have its fair share of ups and downs. It should be both incredibly horrific at times, and incredibly rewarding at other times. I'm looking for someone who really wants to explore the role of being a male that engages in manipulative domestic violence.

You should be:

  • A good writer. Plot twists welcome! Heart-wrenching dialogue welcome! Be different.
  • Willing to explore the good and bad sides of an IC relationship.
  • Willing to play a character that is totally psychopathic, a character that, in his own way, loves Aria, but also detests her and wishes to control her, and keep her down.
  • Understand that in the best stories there is a healthy balance of give and take.
  • Understand that this will never go beyond IC. I'm happily taken in RL and am just here for the awesome stories.
  • A master of keeping IC and OOC separate. We should be friends OOC'ly even if our characters are severely at odds!
  • Understand that there may come a point in the story where the relationship or the marriage IC'ly ends because of the way the story has evolved. Then again, it might last indefinitely. It all depends on what happens.
  • Not a pre-planner. I don't like to plan outcomes. I enjoy the spontaneity of writing stories, of not knowing their ending.
    • The only prerequisite is that this character have some romantic attraction to Aria. I want there to be a love angle to this story. I want it to be a sick but intense kind of love.
  • There is a potential for children and pregnancy here if that's the direction the story goes in. If so, we'll talk some more about that when the time comes. There are some themes of this story arc that should be kept strictly separate from the children and there are other themes of domestic violence that child characters can be involved in if they so desire.

What I'm NOT looking for:

  • The kind of player that treats victims as NPC's in a story rather than real characters.
    • Feel free to use Aria as your punching bag, but she's not simply a punching bag. I'm playing her as a real person with hopes, fears, and aspirations. The story is about us, not just one of us.
  • The kind of player who never allows themselves to get victimized or to lose.
    • Aria's going to lose a lot in this dynamic. She's going to get the hell beat out of her often. She's going to get manipulated. She's going to get abused. But that doesn't mean that she can't or won't try to strike back. I'll be taking most of the losses in this story arc, but you should be willing to take a few or else there's not much room for character development.

What I am looking for:

  • Someone who is going to IC'ly piss her off very often, but also forge a bond that causes her to fall in love and to be reluctant to ever leave.
  • Someone who wants to IC'ly bicker and argue.
  • Someone who understands the psychology behind domestic violence. Don't have to be an expert, just have some basic understanding of the way it works. I'm looking for immersion.
  • Monogamy is not required. Feel free to cheat on her as much as your character desires. She may even cheat on you! This is supposed to be an extremely dysfunctional relationship, the kind that invokes negative emotions in others when they learn or hear of it.

If you're interested:

You can reply to this thread or shoot me an IM in-world. Let's meet up and write together. If it works, we can go with it. If it doesn't, we can part ways. This IC relationship is going to be built from the ground up. Obviously, some things can be accelerated if need be. It all depends on where we want to take it and how compatible we are as writing partners. I realize that this is kind of a specific casting call, but if you've ever wanted to play an abusive male in an immersive, long-term role, I'd love to hear from you. Questions? Ask below and I'll do my best to answer them.

December 11, 2017 at 12:10 am
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