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Name: Sayuri Shoda

Alias: The Dragon

Age: 32

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Profession: Yakuza (Japan), Stripper (Hathian)

Skills: Martial Arts, Blades (swords, daggers and thrown), Narcotics Manufacturing (opium)

Bio: Sayuri was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her father was a boss of the Yakuza and she was his only child which meant she was groomed from birth to take his place one day. Violence and death were no stranger to her.

When she was only ten her mother was brutally murdered. Whispers say it was the Yakuza and her father that had done it, but nothing was ever proven.

Sayuri was given everything. She had a good education, lots of friends and anything that money could buy. Her family, though not the traditional family one thinks of when they say they had a good upbringing, was supportive and encouraged her.  She was trained in the way of martial arts and the katana, in daggers and thrown weapons because guns were not always practical and she came from a traditional Japanese family.

When she was sixteen she began going with her father to the opium houses. Opium houses in Tokyo were very common, along with whore houses and strip clubs. It was a natural, normal part of the Tokyo underground. Her father was the overseer of such establishments.

Taking an interest in the manufacturing of the opium, her father allowed her to apprentice under one of the opium manufacturers where she learned how to grow and care for the poppy plants, how to milk them and make the resin that could be turned into the opioids that kept them wealthy.

When she was twenty five she witnessed a deal go bad involving a large shipment of opium and watched as her father was brutally gunned down by the drug lords involved. as there was much corruption inside the Yakuza themselves as well as with the police, she fled Japan for the United States, taking her inheritance with her.

She didn't know if they could find her here. She didn't know if she would be safe. Feeling that it was best if she went off-grid for awhile she put her money in a bank and took up an assumed identity as a dancer at a local strip club. It was a simple life and the predator inside of her prowled restlessly. How long could she play pretend? How long until she felt the need to dig in her roots and spread the seeds of the dark underground she knew so well?

October 21, 2019 at 6:40 am
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