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Sadie's real name is Brynn Faulkner.
She comes from a small village called Montrose in Scotland..

Growing up as a single child with a set of parents, near the sea, her father constantly working on renovating the old cottage they lived in, she thrived on the bracing sea air.
Now and then she'd even help her father out with the work he did, doing whatever was needed, getting her hands dirty, her fingers full of splinters. It was a peaceful time, a happy time.

Her mum loved to garden and you could always find her, planting flowers or herbs in the garden, out back, or washing pulled-up veggies in the country-style kitchen.

When she was little, Brynn would sit on the rocks at the edge of the sea and watch the waves roll and the tides go in and out. She found it relaxing but during her teenage years, as often happens, she began to hunger for more. More than the quiet, idyllic but cold Scottish town. More than the small-minded, simple folk who lived and worked around her.

So, at eighteen, much to her parents sadness, she decided to take off, to America....to try and become an actress in Hollywood.
But as with most tales of chased fame, she found nothing but rejection after rejection; too short, too pretty, too girl-next door (like that was a bad thing!), and ended up working most of the time in a diner to pay her very steep rent, chasing auditions in the few small hours she had to spare. She became a cliché.

Life was hard, terribly so...some days she didn't eat because she simply couldn't afford to, but she never gave up, always hoping that one day her big break would come.
It never did, though she did have some small successes singing and developing a love for country music, in bars around LA.

Refusing to run back home to her parents with her tail between her legs, not wanting to hear them say 'i told you so', she applied for a visa, wanting to stay where she was...moderately happy and luckily was accepted as an American citizen.

Two years after she arrived in the U.S and a year after getting her visa she got word that her parents had been killed in a car crash. Devastated, she took a flight back home to arrange the funeral. She planned to stay, to move back home but two days after the wake, she realised Scotland held nothing for her anymore, and with a heavy sadness in her heart she made her way back to LA, back to her life there, with a sizeable inheritance in her pocket.

Which is where she met Luke, in one of the bars she sang at, three months after her parents death. He courted her, wooed her, gave her the comfort, the understanding, the friendship she was craving since losing her parents. They were good together, people said. Cute, both seeming to be passionate, intense individuals, and their hearts connected easily.
But all was not as it seemed and a year after she'd met him, seemingly from the moment Luke was laid off from the furniture factory he worked in, things changed.

He started to become abusive. Verbally, then slowly over time, physically, and then sexually. What was once a blooming rose of a relationship became a withered, blackened husk. So many nights, she'd come home from work, to find him drunk, the apartment a mess, and him demanding to know where she'd been, who she'd seen, talked to, demanding something to eat.

Brynn became a shell of her former self, giving up singing in bars because he refused to allow her to 'flaunt' herself like a tart, rarely showing a smile.

She survived with his behaviour for almost a year...then one day, two weeks after he'd put her in the hospital with broken ribs again, she just couldn't take it anymore.
With Luke out at a very rare job interview, she hurriedly packed and took a taxi to the airport. Grabbing the first flight she could, she jetted off, away from the violence, away from the man she still loved, away from the life she'd created for herself years before.
She told none of her friends, none of her work colleagues, not one person, except her boss, where she was going.

That was a mistake. She found a town near the border of Mexico, tried to settle into a new life but just two weeks later Luke turned up at her new job, beat her to a pulp and tried to drag her back home. It ended with him being arrested, her once more in the hospital.
This time, she didn't tell anyone. Against doctors advice, she checked herself out of the ER, went back to her motel room, packed for a second time, taking off again, no destination this time in her mind, leaving Luke in jail.

That's how she ends up in Hathian, two months after running for a second time.
Moving from place to place, never staying in one town too long she steps off a bus in this town, exhausted by constant travel, fearing for her life, but sure that this time, Luke will never find her.
As an extra precaution she even got herself some fake id's in the last town, changing her name to Sadie Scott, taking inspiration from her favourite tv show, Nashville for her new alias.

April 7, 2017 at 8:28 am
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