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Hello Everyone,

For those of you who haven't met me yet, my character name is Tommy Winchester. It's been a while since I have been part of any major scenes, but I have had role plays all over CD and SL alike with both my wife and others we encounter. We love RP here in Crack Den and have an idea to get something going that can open a door to many stories.


So first of all, without giving too many spoilers, Tommy is a character that is loosely based on a mixture of the Joker and the Riddler, with a hint of Devil's rejects and Charles Manson sprinkled in. He isn't a rip off of any of those, I try to keep it original, just giving a general idea.  He has an extensive backstory (which I will share if anyone cares to know), and I have rebooted his character so to speak to refresh the RP.


Enough about myself, the point of this post is to propose a few ideas I have for everyone else to get involved. For one, I have an idea for a gang/group proposal that my wife and I will be in, but we'd like one or two more to get on board before we make it official. The group will be basically a hippie-like commune, with much darker undertones. The leader would be Tommy, who some may choose to follow in cult-like fashion (loyal to a fault, brainwashed, ect), while others may just be as out of their mind as he is and find is company appealing. This would be taken as extreme as they want, such as attacking someone in his name or in the name of the group, or just in the name of "madness". There would be rules that they all live by, including him, which would all be given out and what not.

Human trafficking, drug dealing, theft, murders and just plain causing chaos for sake of doing so are all things they do. Some may be dangerous, some may be fun, some may be both. Some of them will force people to do their bidding while others just do pranks on the town (like changing out bottles of liquor for water, or other ideas just to mess with people, with permission of course). Mostly it's chaos and a good way to bring back the ways of old style RPs from back in the day.


This is of course a general idea of what I have in mind. Sure, we've all seen these types of RPs before (of course, not as much lately), and most who have been here over the years have seen them come and go. I am up for adapting this idea if need be, but really I just want to get some things going here again, even if the group idea falls through. Even if it were just Tommy, he can cause chaos on his own, but it's more fun with others involved. If anyone wants to be part of this or has anything to add or ask me about, feel free to IM me (grungepunkrocker resident) or find me ICly and strike up an RP. My partner (ellakillian resident) is my RL wife and can answer questions too if I'm not available.

We have many ideas not mentioned here, this is just a brief overview. Some of this RP can go dark and twisted, some of it can just be fun, and some can be both depending on your character. Hopefully this will get something going one way or another. Thanks for reading if you read this far.

January 20, 2020 at 7:13 pm
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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