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I was watching this TV series called Black Mirror and the episode called "Shut Up and Dance" has a plot that I think could lead to a fun RP idea.

Here's the idea for how the concept would work in CD:

- Summary: a hacker/online blackmail group obtains compromising material and threatens to release it publicly unless the victim performs certain tasks for them. Details of the tasks to be done are revealed to the victim by phone.

- The RP will be organised by a group of players who will act as the anonymous blackmailers. I can certainly run some of this RP, plenty of scope to collaborate with a couple of others as storyweavers.

- People can then OOC contact us if they want to get involved and RP their character being a target of the blackmailers.

- We'll need to set up some sort of initial RP on what kind of information the blackmailers get. Something that would mean disaster for the character if it was revealed publicly. Video of cheating on a spouse ... incriminating evidence that can could send the character to jail ... or anything else volunteered by the player whose character is the target.

- The blackmailers then get hold of the information and contact the target by email or phone or whatever, letting them what they have. The blackmailers then tell the target they have been 'activated' and to await 'further instruction' of what to do.

- cue suspense and shitting of pants LOL

- at a later stage, the blackmailers contact the target and tell them they are 'activated' and then give them instructions of what to do. Tasks could be such things as robbing a store ... attacking someone ... seducing someone ...humourous humiliation .... as long as OOC limits aren't crossed and OOC the target agrees it's fun and fair RP.
Acting out the blackmailers' commands could be dark and dangerous RP ... or could go down the humorous route. Whatever is fun for all parties involved.

- The story can end in various ways. Maybe the hackers get what they want, and tell the target they are 'deactivated'. Maybe they publish anyway like complete trolls! or maybe other complications arise. Plenty of ideas for the blackmailer and target to work out in RP.

- the identities of the anonymous hacker blackmailers to remain anonymous at first. Maybe, long term, if the RP idea takes off, the cops can get involved and there could be some RP to bust up this blackmail ring.


Anyway, that's the concept. Suggestions and comments welcome! If it sounds like fun, contact me and I can kick off some RP with people.

p.s. my blackmailer would be a new character and there would be no IC connection to Valmont. In fact, I would like Val to be a target at some stage, so would be good to have other people join in on the blackmail efforts!

April 20, 2017 at 5:28 am
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April 21, 2017 at 10:48 am
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April 22, 2017 at 4:00 am
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