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Hello perina ,


I have some questions regarding my character set up at HGH .. I found (or this is how it is seemed to me) that when guys role play in the hospital , patients are directly jump on the beds calling for Drs available .  Well , the NCP is calling ppl to talk to the reception first .. My questions are :


1- Can I role play that receptionist or that would break the norms within HGH and Drs. role players practice over there?


2- What are the job that the receptionist should do .. in my understanding it should receive patient upon arrivals . make them fill in some forms (or their relatives) , take any fees required etc etc .


3- For any New chart to a certain patient .. I understand that Dr. who is handling the patient will update his chart .. but for opening a new chart .. will the receptionist does that or all the time or it is only the role player Dr.  who has to touch the chart system .


4- If I am only dealing with admitting patients process , Can I call  Drs. in the municipal group to call for one when the Hospital is lacking one for role play (as a part of role play ) .. means is this part of the receptionist role inside HGH.


5- I saw that it is only the police agents who are using some codes in the municipal group when they are announcing they are in duty .. like[ <xxxx> 35148 Name .. is on duty …..] , well is that rule that all should apply when they are on duty. or it is only for the police to call as if they are talking on a radio network (but in municipal group chat )


6- How my character will get promotion  if it is a receptionist .. In other words , the criteria for the system  in relation to Drs. is that how many patients they have treated .. what about the receptionist , is there any system for their promotion or any other role play available in the non-medic staff to be promoted to for example based on number of patients admitted in hospital and the character could receive .. and how to register that through the system if not through the patient charts if used only by Drs.?


Thanks for reading and sorry for long question .. but I would like to start however I am a bit confused about the above six points and I do not wish to role play things that would bother others as Hospital and the Police are the core role play areas at all times in CD .


Hope to receive answers of these questions to see things better .

April 4, 2017 at 2:02 am
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July 29, 2017 at 5:16 am
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