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So, new to Hathian and recently joined the HPD. While getting familiar with the HUDs and RP, I thought I could attempt to drop a 'gem' on the subject of how to communicate over a airwave designed to link municipal, military, and / or civil communications.


Universal rules of radio communication
1) Before you press the transmission button, gather your thoughts about what you are going to say. Many people with radios have a tendency to talk and/or repeat too much. Say what you need to say without unnecessary repeats. Keep in mind that your message should go through the first time – you may not have any opportunity to repeat it.
2) Give the call sign of the unit you are calling first. It will alert the addressee to focus on the incoming message. There might be more listeners and radio network users so you must let them know that this time there will be a message for them, not a usual background noise.
3) Introduce yourself by your call sign. Do not use real names or nicknames.
4) Don’t speak too fast especially if the message needs to be written down. Pause after logical phrases. High voice does not guarantee that you will be more readable.
5) Use “CLEAR”, “OVER”, “OUT” when you finish your message. It notifies the addressee that you finished your portion of information and wait for the response or just ended the transmission (“OUT” word).
6) When you have understood the message, acknowledge the receipt with the words “COPY“, “RECEIVED“, “ROGER” or “ACKNOWLEDGED.” The word “COPY” is preferred.
7) If the caller requires some actions you may use “WILCO” instead of “ROGER” to notify that you WILL COMPLY (=”WILCO”).
8) Use “BREAK, BREAK” whenever there is a radio traffic and you want to get through with your emergency message.
9) Answer each call to confirm reception. Use “RECEIVED”, “COPY”, “ROMEO” or “ACKNOWLEDGED.”
10) If you do not comprehend the message, do not confirm it. Use “SAY AGAIN”, “REPEAT”, “STAND BY” instead.
11) Whenever a word must be spelled use NATO code words for each letter. Do not invent your own words – they might be misleading and not comprehensive.

April 24, 2018 at 4:09 pm
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