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Before I start, I am not currently an employee of WKRK and I just woke up with this idea today, posted about it on Twitter and in the OOC chat and people seem to be responding to it, so I have an idea for expanding on it.

I am not set up to actually DJ in the sense of taking over the stream on-sim and playing music.  I also rarely use the stream because i play with sounds muted, so my idea is to do this through the chat group(s) and roleplaying.

Kyouki is soon going to school to get her degree as a clinical sexologist.  Think Dr. Ruth or Dr. Lindsay Doe from Youtube.  Its a clinical phd degree that comes with some fun roleplay options.  In thinking of Dr Ruth, I recall her having a call-in show a long time ago where she'd take questions from the public and put them on the radio and then answer their question or have a discussion that others can listen in on and learn about sex and get advice.

I thought that Kyouki would love to do something like this eventually.  The way I imagine this going down is I (the DJ in this instance) would put out a message on one of the chat groups (Roleplay or Citizens, not sure) with a message to IM me first before posting in-chat, so we can maintain that sort of radio-show order and avoid multiple people posting questions all at once.  Once I get an IM from someone, I announce they are on the air and either let them post or copy/paste their post from IM into the group and then give a response.

In Kyouki's case, I hope this would be sex-related questions, but this is expandable to other occupations in CD! The garage could answer car/truck/whatever related questions, the newspaper could hold an open forum on the radio, Poison Apple could do a consult a Piercer day or something or an ask a stripper event for TT.  a bored Gein employee could do a show about What do you like on your burger?  call in and consult an expert burger flipper for advice!  i will rate your burger choices!  just random ridiculous things.

Now i know there are those who may want to opt out of hearing these things as well, so i want to make sure we are using a group that can be easily ignored if need be. i dont want to bog down an official group with "how do you like your burger" or "how to give a good blowjob".

Ideas? Opinions? Feedback?

Thanks for hearing me out!

August 1, 2018 at 5:43 am
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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