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Private businesses follow different rules than official ones. When posted on the forums, they are already approved. The idea, however, is to bring the owners some community feedback to help them flesh out their idea and business.

Maison De L'amour

By: GabrielleHFAllen Resident
Type: Private Business

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/District%208/79/136/35

BACKGROUND: Maison De L'amour is a family restaurant open to people of all ages. Unlike other dining places in the city, however, it's got more of a date night feel. It provides people with a place to dress up and go on dates or to just enjoy pleasant surroundings. It also keeps in theme with the urban style requirements with an old brick warehouse type building. Upstairs in the adult only section is a bar for those of drinking age (or with an ID stating such) and downstairs is an open dining area, complete with a stage for live entertainment and room to dance during events. Outside is decked out with garden style seating, with a ramp for the handicapped. Other than a somewhat nicer atmosphere, Maison De L'amour offers a wide variety of food and is always looking for suggestions to be added to the menu. The location is also perfect for gatherins that require a dressier feel such as wedding receptions, formals, semi formals, and other party functions.


EXPERIENCE: Honestly when I created the place, I felt Crack den, as shady as it is, still needed that nice place where girls can drag out their fancy dresses and haul guys over to empty their wallets on them. We also don't have many options for private parties such as wedding receptions and the like. Lastly, my character needed a new job but she didn't quite fit in with most of the businesses in CD so she decided to manage a restaurant, funded by Dustin's cocaine profits. (shh ;)) The reason I am applying for it now is so I can create a group (if approved) for the staff that Gabby hires on. So far, the restaurant has made quite a splash with some of the community. I catch people going there often enough and I haven't even done much advertising! lol (thank you to all of my supporters by the way. love you! It's nice to know I did not waste my efforts)



May 12, 2015 at 2:59 pm
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May 16, 2015 at 4:47 pm
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