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----Bon Temps---

By Molliedolly Resident


TYPE: Bar and Cigar Lounge


SLURL: Rental End of Bourbon Street.


BACKGROUND: Bon Temps will be a bar downstairs and a shabby cigar lounge upstairs. The cigar lounge upstairs would lend a difference in the kind of meeting area for people and activity. Across the street is the Rub'n'Tug massage parlor which could potentially send it's employees to the cigar lounge for massage sessions for the patrons there. Downstairs would be a bar area which will encourage those from the municipalities to patronize the establishment. The difference with the bar would be that it'd offer a seating area for date nights and a box set of questions that would entertain and amuse/ embarrass people on a night out. The fact that it is a bar means that there could be opportunities to challenge Lous/the T.T in terms of business and customers. In other words---Bar Wars. This is might be a fun and versatile angle for the management at Lous and T.T to be involved with. Rivalry between businesses! Competing for patrons. Sabotage.Coercion. Protection rackets etc. This also is a good location to add to the existing dynamics in Bourbon Street.




EXPERIENCE:Carnie, is highly motivated. Once set upon a task, she will throw everything she can into it. Sometimes to her own detriment. Having worked in numerous bars in her time, and also massage parlors. She knows how well, loosing inhibitions can lend to people being more susceptible to alternative provocations. Places such as these, can be a wealth of knowledge. Carnie, thrives on learning things of others that can be used at later dates if she should so wish. Competitive, she would aim to throw spanners in the works of those that aim to take business from her, so ultimately she would acquire their patrons. She has an affiliation with those in the municipal departments, offering them a more reasonable price for what they would desire coming there. Given, she has already found she enjoys toying with those in power. Always has done. Paying them in kind for their possible protection, she may be swayed to take care of people that happen to become a thorn in their side. Carnie, and the red head. Two people within the same form. One can be sweet, awkward and as loyal as they come. The other, darker with zero filter. May add a little something extra if she should so happen to come across a date that seems to be going so well. I see a lot of opportunity for this place, to create and mold some great stories. That could walk hand in hand with others on the street, or add some tension. I would really love the opportunity to try. A huge thank you, must go to Trey for the Idea. It was his brain child, and I hope that I can take that ball and run with it. Taking it on as lead. I've run numerous businesses in other alterscape realms, also was mentor within DE for a while. I'd love to be able to create another space for some fresh RP and add another dimension to that portion of the town, and draw people in from places they don't generally stray from. <3





April 9, 2017 at 12:24 pm
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