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Baelish Lounge



TYPE: Social Club/Brothel


SLURL: District 8 (81,228,33)


BACKGROUND: The Baelish Lounge will be a social club pandering to the public by giving it a place to gather safely and socialize drinking and watching pretty girls serve and dance, perhaps take advantage of a nice relaxing massage among other small services. Even though it is managed by a member of the Black Mambas, it will be a neutral ground for all gangs, offduty police, and other riffraff of the city to come and enjoy themselves. Of course this is all on the first floor, the second floor, now that requires a bit more of an investment to become a member as that leads to what the social club is a front for, the brothel. We will have entertainment, both willing and those that are slightly less willing available to those willing to upgrade their membership. For obvious reasons, police officers that are not known to be dirty might get discriminated against when seeking membership upstairs. Downstairs...perhaps one must come and see why it takes more than money to be allowed to even know about downstairs. Along with sexual roleplay with the brothel workers, there will of course be forced roleplay as the brothel must be stocked which will also offer roleplay to the police, of course. So this business will help to cater to victim fantasies one might have as well. Sex and kidnapping not enough for you, how about blackmail? The Baelish Lounge caters to those who wish anonymity of course, no brothel could stay in business unless it protected the clientelle. So none of the main brothel rooms will be monitored, what goes behind closed doors is between the persons inside and the priest on Sunday in the confessional. One room, however, is not so safe. Perhaps when one schedules to use the VIP room for their own private kinks, one should be careful that it is not being recorded for some nefarious purpose (the sign outside the room warns OOC to make it fair). Maybe it is not even a Mamba using the footage to blackmail a leading citizen of the city, perhaps it is just a simple hooker off the streets with aspirations of having more that comes to the brothel and wishes to use that particular room to video some leverage on a citizen. They are certainly more than welcome to contract with the Baelish Lounge for such use.




EXPERIENCE:I like to inspire roleplay no matter which Sim Rho calls home. It is not just enough to offer roleplay but also to provide something that is not currently being offered. This is not solely a business to provide normal roleplay to the city but also a way to further the gang roleplay with the Mambas having a foothold on the sex business in the city. Rho has run businesses in Dead End before that had moderate success and hopes to have even more success in Hathian.



May 5, 2018 at 11:43 am
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