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Name: Perina McGinnis ["Peri" for short]
Age: 25 (1/27/1984)
Hometown: Hathian, LA
Resides: Devil's Pocket, LA
Ethnicity: Irish (Protestant), German
Profession: Freelance magazine writer, working on her first novel, surviving off her meager inheritance
Constant items: a small knife, cellphone, notepad & pen, minimal cash (primarily in a back satchel)
Often seen: in or around DG with coffee in tow, jotting in her notebook, lurking

Perina came back to Hathian after years spent away in boarding school and college, but not to the one she remembered as a kid. Her parents had run a small, but successful accounting firm in town, dealing with both the seedy and the noble inhabitants. Her father felt the area was a bit too sketchy to let their little girl run around, as nosey as she was, so starting with junior high, she mostly lived away from Hathian, her parents visiting rather than bringing her home for holidays. As if fulfilling prophecy, midway through her freshmen year of college, both were killed in some violent uproar between two of the gangs in town. Details were never revealed.

Obviously quite devastated, she denied returning to Hathian until she was done with school, if only to pick up what was left behind. However, upon arrival, she felt a strange sense of connection to the place, a distorted feeling of "home", and there she's decided to remain, relying solely on the few friends she has left from childhood to manage "life" in the city. Her trust in an old friend & the resurgence of the Cerbs had afforded her some protection thus far, aside from a few attacks shortly after she arrived. But, she seemed to be mostly avoided slipping into trouble, which was good - she ain't tough, nor completely weak. Just quick-witted, sneaky in attack, and honest to a fault. Sure, she had her vices: luckily, the rumored "tape" in school hadn't made it's way to city limits, so that aspect of her life is well under wraps for the time being. If only people could just figure out what she was writing all the time...

'Tis my first back story (woot), and actually my first foray into proper RP, so be gentle! :mrgreen: I'm more into fleshing Perina out than digging too much into her past, so that's why it's a bit short.

March 10, 2009 at 8:40 pm
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March 10, 2009 at 8:48 pm
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