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There was a post, on here about being a killer etc — there were some reactions on the forum, so i thought I could post it here as well. I already pinned something to her twitter account — but simply didn’t think of using the forums, so thank you Ihuntdemonsandsavelives (What a name, oh boy )

Anyhoo, to get to my point. I am low key alting on my older account skittletitties (The titties has returned! yay) She is based on the elegant written book ‘Codename : Villanelle’ by Luke Jennings, and the TV Show ‘Killing Eve’

There are several adjustments to keep it less involved with special services, and ninja moves — but a lot of it is the same / inspired / influenced.

She is a socio & psychopath, who came to Hathian to try and fit in somewhere within society, she used to kill to make a living thanks to Russian organised criminals — but now, is trying not to, unlike most villains in Hathian.

The thing with her is, that she has those urges, likes the power, the dominating side of things, the chase and the thrill of it. Her motives depends on the story, but she’s like a junkie craving for it’s drug. At first she will likely kill more-so out of passion, frustration but later on, I am sure there are several motives why anyone could become her victim.

With the current story, she so far has strangled one woman (yesterday)  (THANK YOU KIYOMI, I LOVE YOU! ) Within Hathian. (she has only been here for a week. Way to go Villanelle.) Mostly because said character didn’t give her what she wanted which hypothetically speaking upset her. (She can’t really be actually upset) Anyhoo — Now back to her go-to drug (killing) I am sure there is a lot to explore, she will have to subdue her hunger and even more so now she once gave into it.

Before killing she chased after sex, torture and fights — as those were the things that disgusted her as much while it pleased her as much. So what I am looking for is those willing to get in trouble

Besides killing stories, alts and else — I do want to say there’s more to it.
She is very fascinated with human behaviour, will likely stalk people, either because she’s fascinated by them, doesn’t like them or think she can use them for something, which gives the great ability to get into others mindset. She wouldn’t be insane enough to slip into someone’s skin, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t think of it.

So, these story can be very mentally based, besides physically, besides murder. What I am looking for and hoping to create are some chillingly creepy stories, stalker-ish all the way, making this about the chase and the prey thing. A cat and mouse game, including cops — and others around her.

Anyone can apply, whether she gets to kill them, hurt them or not. She wouldn’t randomly attack someone out on the street, or be considered dangerous until she gets someone in the right moment and time, if she so pleases..

She wouldn't consider herself evil, but more so bad -- and having practiced, I hope to be able to write her more  troubled and relating than only terrifying and cold.

Anyone up for it, comment below, check me on twitter on Max’s @Maxillenoir , or Villanelle’s @CDpasdedeux , message me in world on Skittletitties Resident or BettyMcDonut.



August 2, 2018 at 1:14 am
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