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Lucius Ember (luciusopimius.feiri) would raise his gun as he rilled his shoulder, Panting Lucius would begin squeezing the trigger a little wondering if he should, but then he remembered about how she had run him over and how the bottom of the car felt. Eyes narrowed as fury took over, left hand on his right side, he growled to himself knowing units were probably on the way.

Emily Cooper (emilycooper2) was still whimpering a little, as if being deep asleep while having a bad dream, her eyes showing no signs of opening. She laid there, on the ground, the tables turned since their last encounter, and could do nothing. Lucius held the advantage, and the gun, her radio bleeping as that distress signal was sent out, pinpointing her location to central Rougarou.

Lucius Ember (luciusopimius.feiri) squeezed the trigger, The flash and bang echoing through the district, Aiming for her right side, above and below her breast, of course, Lucius would spare the cheif's fantastic tits, Her abdomen, left and right. Four shots rang out before he shuffled from the van, satisfied, thisck plumes of black smoke now rose as the fire emgulfed the cab where he had been a minute before. "Fuck!" he growled, Pulling out his phone, he headded deeper into the swamp, Calling for aid himself.

Emily Cooper (emilycooper2) 's body jolted ever so little as those shots rang out, bullets soaring into her flesh, the first two passing through her abdomen just under her right breast, going through and embedding themselves into the dirt under her. The next one passing through her chest area, missing the heart, but going through her right lung, a light wheezing as air escaped through the hole. The last one hitting her abdomen on her left side, another through and through, hitting no organs, but adding to the bleeding nonetheless. The ground underneath her quickly turning dark red, the first two shots having gone through the liver, she was in bad shape, BAD. One last groan escaped her, the pain kick-starting her brain enough to send the alarm out that she was dying, gee thanks brain! Then she was out, life itself being drained from her through those four bulletholes.

Lucius Ember (luciusopimius.feiri) would make his grand escape leaving Emily in the dirt, Van could explode at any moment. As her radio still beaconed her, Lucius had been generous, and not shot that, but he was certainly sure that she wouldn't be coming after him again, If they found out...

Dani Waters (daniella.svoboda) pulls up next to the park, taking things rather faster than usual, gravel scrunching under the tires as she brakes hard. She sees the smoke, the flaming van and the form of Em in a pool of blood. "Jesus Christ! Grab a damn extinguisher an' cover me!" she yells to Mongo as she leaps out of the truck.

Emily Cooper (emilycooper2) was out of it, laying in a pool of her own blood by now. Dark red blood soaking the shirt around the right side of her abdomen. Her breathing was shallow, strained, pulse elevated as her heart worked frantically to pump what blood she had left in her body. The ONLY good thing about this might be that she didn't feel the scent of the smoke! Yup, this would require the best and most rapid treatment, and so she would be glad it was her bestie responding.


Dani Waters (daniella.svoboda): Mongo parks and calls out at HGH, then goes back and opens the door. Dani had placed Em on high flow oxygen, placed trauma dressings on the abdominal wounds and had put chest seal dressings on the chest wounds. She had barely time to start the IV and they were there. "She's still got a pulse, but barely." she calls to her partner as she jumps down. "Let's get her inside."

Dani Waters (daniella.svoboda): sees VF on the monitor and thinks at first it's motion artifact, but she checks for a pulse as they enter the ER. Nope nope nope. Dani's face goes pale and she almost loses it right then and there as she screams at the top of her voice "I GOT A FULL ARREST IN HERE!" She and Mongo throw Em on the ER stretcher and start doing CPR. _Come on come on come on._ she says, mentally. _Lord, don't take her, I can't lose her._ Dani had just learned that her friend and mentor Isabella COletti had died, and if she lost Emily on the same day, she didn't know what she would do.

Emily Cooper (emilycooper2) 's body was fighting with the same stubborness as Em herself fought her battles. But her body was approaching its limitations, and she was drifting further into hypovolemic shock, her body on the verge of shutting down. There was still pulse though, albeit weakly.


Emily sat up on the bed, sliding off of it to plant her boots on the floor. She was in uniform. She looked around, confused at all the staff milling about in the small ER-room, a room she had visited SO many times when dropping off patients. Among the staff she saw Dani, in the same uniform as her own, an FDH uniform, her face distressed, looking on the verge of tears. ”Hey, Dani.. what's happened?” she asked, but Dani gave no response, she didn't even look at her, her gaze seemed focused on the bed next to Emily, the bed she.... just got up from? She turned to look down at it, and gasped at the sight of... herself, in uniform, the shirt soaked in blood, her face pale, lips bluish, and the hospital staff working quickly to insert IO's (IV into the bone) and hooking up blood-transfusions. ”What the hell is going on?” Emily called out, but no one answered, acknowledged, or even bothered to go around her, in fact... they seemed to walk right through her. She felt a chilly tremble, as she suddenly soared up, up through the ceiling, the room quickly becoming distant, only to disappear completely.

She didn't know where, or even when she was. She looked around, darkness, only darkness. It was a dark tunnel, but she was moving forward. Walking, except she didn't feel any solid ground under her feet. She felt a pull, an urge, to go forward, she couldn't have stopped even if she tried. Then she saw it, felt it, up ahead, light.. and warmth, a sharp contrast to the cold dark that was surrounding her. The pull became stronger. The light came closer, and started to surround her, pushing away the darkness, the warmth embracing her. Things were okay, things were good, she knew that now.

She stopped, the pull was still there, yet she stopped. She saw the outlines of six figures coming towards her, closer, yet she couldn't yet see their faces. No.. there were more, another one, a smaller one, a child. Emily stood there, still, as if frozen. Then the figures came into view, and she sucked in a breath, emotions washing over her like a tidal wave. Before her stood... her mom.. her dad... Sarah, her best friend... Kaylynn, Marissa's adoptive daughter, and beside her stood Sammy, Kaylynn's adoptive daughter, now a young teen. And.. holding Kaylynn's hand, a toddler. Emily didn't recognize her, but she knew who it was, Casey, Kaylynn's stillborn child, alive.. whole.. growing. And a bit next to them stood Piaget, another dear friend, looking as proud as he always did, with that warm smile he often wore, and in his hand he held one of the dried roses Emily stuck to his painting at the Grind, changing them every two weeks. ”Mom? Dad? Sarah.. what.. where's this?” Emily asked aloud, confused, baffled. Sarah grinned, a warm grin, looking nearly as cheeky as she often did when they had joked around about this and that. ”Aren't you supposed to be the smart one? You're home, babes.” she said. Emily looked to her parents, her mom stepping forward, taller than Emily, she leaned over to kiss her forehead. ”We love you so much, and we miss you every day.” she said, the voice one of a mother's warmth. Her dad stood back, and just smiled. ”I'm so proud of you.” he added in, and Emily realized that a tear was rolling down her cheek. Sammy was the next one to speak, the girl, so tormented in life, was now beaming. ”I've made you a drawing miss Emily.”

The warmth she felt couldn't be described in words, the love. She was home, she had left life behind, and she was happy with that. She was going to be 28 years in May, no longer a youth, but certainly not old. But she FELT old, worn, emotionally drained. She was done with life, done fighting, done trying to save people or try to make the world a better place. She had done her part, she had a decent amount of plus in her karma-book. She left some dear dear friends behind, yes, but they would follow too. Dani, Val, Doe, Mickie, Rog, Roxy, Jacie, Maitso, Marissa, Zahos, Vivi and the other Hambrook-kids, they'd follow eventually, she could wait, she was okay with waiting here. ”I've missed you so very much..” she looked about, at each smiling face in turn. ”Every one of you.. Sarah... Pia.. I wanted to die when you left me.” She'd look at her parents. ”Mom, dad.. I wanted to make you proud.. I've missed you so much.” And the tears rolled down her cheeks, tears of joy, as she embraced her mother. ”Shhhh.. it's okay, my lovely daughter..”

She didn't know how long the reunion lasted, she only knew she never wanted it to stop. She held her mother in a tight warm embrace. Yet something changed, the pull towards the light subsided. Her mother slowly let go of the embrace, Emily wanted to hold on longer, tighter, but she reluctantly let go, looking up at her. Her mother smiled, warmly. ”It seems it's not your time yet, love.” Emily sucked in a breath, feeling the pull again, but not towards the light, but away from it. She shook her head, panic starting to grow in her chest, overwhelming her. ”No.. no mom, I'm staying.” She looked past her mother, to her dad, who smiled a father's warm smile. ”We're so proud of you, Emily.” Her mother stood back at arm's length, allowing Emily to see them all, and she looked about, Kaylynn gave her a wink, along with a warm smile. ”You'll be back before you know it.” The cheeky comment didn't comfort Emily in the least. Sarah smiled, yet her smile was a hinted with sadness. ”Next time babes, we'll catch up.. we'll wait for you.” she said. Emily shook her head, trying with all she had to fight against the pull backwards, the pull away from them, away from her lost loved ones. ”No! No I'm not going! I want to stay here with you! I don't want to go back! Don't make me! Please don't make me!” She was weeping openly by now, tears just continuing to roll down her cheeks. ”Don't leave me... not again.. not a second time... please..” It was Piaget who next stepped forward, right up to her, his hand coming to Emily's cheek, his trademark warm smile still lingering in his face, as he spoke. ”Don't you see, Emily? We never left..”

And she was pulled away, unable to resist any longer. Only a last look at them, her mother and father smiling, in fact all of them smiled, warm reassuring smiles. Then they became distant figured in the light, as she was swept away, pulled back, away from the light, back into the cold dark.
Through the darkness she heard a voice, a familiar voice. ”A PULSE! Thank le bon Dieu! "She's got a pulse!"</p>


Dani Waters (daniella.svoboda)'s face was pale as she does chest compressions. But she pauses to reposition herself and she sees a sinus rhythm. Hoping against hope, she feels at the neck - A PULSE! Thank le bon Dieu! "She's got a pulse!" she calls out, and the next thing she knows about eight ((NPC)) people are there, unceremoniously elbowing her out of the way as they finish stripping Emily down, log-roll her, find all her wounds and start massively transfusing her. Zip zip zip, and four needles are drilled into Em's bones, both proximal tibiae and both proximal humeri. The IO access could be obtained in seconds , and both fluids and blood could be given through it. Four pressure infusers/blood warmers are wheeled in, and three units of o-negative emergency release blood are hung, along with a liter of saline for volume expansion. "Get the OR set up!" is heard. "Laparotomy and thoracoscopy, we'll be there in ten minutes." And in about that amount of time, the fluids and blood are in, the second liter of saline and thefourth, fifth and sixth units of blood are hung. Dani stands in the corner, pale and weak-kneed, and when the room empties of Em and caregivers as soon as it filled up, she collapses on the floor, buries her head in her bloody hands and starts to sob.

Emily Cooper (emilycooper2) was drifting on the brink of death, with literally one foot out of it. The pulse was there, and as it seemed, she may yet be pulled back from the jaws of death, thanks to Dani's swift response. Em laid there like a rag-doll, not feeling, not responding. The needles were drilled into her bones, thank god for not feeling THAT!! The blood infusions did bring her BP back up a little, though she was far from out of the woods, and time would tell if she would pull through surgery. But she wasn't dead yet at least. She was soon carted off, leaving Dani, poor Dani, there alone, or with Mongo, but he wasn't the empathic type.

Dani Waters (daniella.svoboda) felt helpless, in shock - figuratively, not literally - and she sits and sobs until finally Mongo comes over with some towels, a red big biohazard bag and some warm, soapy washcloths. "We'll get de truck back in service, send you over some clothes, OK?" he says, quietly. That was tender loving care from Mongo! Dani smiles weakly and strips down to her underwear, bagging everything and them washing the blood off her, right there in the ER room. But then she didn't have a nudity taboo, thankfully! After she was clean, she heads up to the waiting room, where she sits and prays, silently, for her best friend to survive.

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