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Please give your feedback and suggestions for this business proposal (in a constructive manner!) for this proposer to review, respond to, and take into account should they go forward as the Lead! For more information on how proposals work: http://thecrackden.com/discuss/topic/group-and-business-proposals/

Rader Records
By Tegan Swashbuckler

TYPE: Official Business

SLURL: Hathian, King Street

BACKGROUND: Rader Records has been around forever in spite of spotify, pandora and other streaming services. I'd like for it to be a bit more interactive than it has been in recent times. Events could be something as simple as a dance lesson in the parking lot, or a breakout musician needing a place to perform. New employees would be encouraged to connect with a 'trainer' to learn the ropes and get drawn into the business of selling music. My character, as a professional dancer, has a lot of exposure to the music industry and connections that would make managing the record store highly beneficial for inter-business collaborations.

UNIQUE: I'd like to make Rader Records a place for media to be celebrated. Working with the creative teams that promote their IC media such as After the Fall and their new releases. I'd like to be able to host roof-top concerts at Rader for live performers that may or may not be under a label. Sort of a place to be scouted. I'd also like to employ certain talents to provide lessons to others.

EXPERIENCE: I've been RPing for a long time both in SL and outside it. I have lead other CD groups in the past and have a lot of ideas on how to help get Rader's name back into the common Hathianite's vocabulary again. I've also been a mentor in CD, and am familiar with expectations for our community leaders.

IDEAS: New players who sign up for Rader will be encouraged to connect with a trainer to learn the role. The trainers will be commonly active employees that will be able to RP teaching the new people what the job entails. In this way, they wont have to fumble around and guess what to RP was a clerk.

OTHER: Grand Re-opening would have to be a live concert, reaching out to the local music artists in town to see who would want to celebrate the new management of the business.

February 25, 2020 at 9:20 pm
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February 26, 2020 at 6:42 pm
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February 28, 2020 at 7:48 pm
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