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Please give your feedback and suggestions for this business proposal (in a constructive manner!) for this proposer to review, respond to, and take into account should they go forward as the Lead! For more information on how proposals work: http://thecrackden.com/discuss/topic/group-and-business-proposals/
The Poison Apple Tattoo and Piercing Parlor
By Arizona Hawksby

TYPE: Official Business

SLURL: Hathian, Bourbon Street

BACKGROUND: As the lead, I would try to revive the roleplay opportunities at the Poison Apple and involving the PA in the community more. Cordelia as a character has worked at the Poison Apple for most of her life in Hathian and has always taken a very involved position within the shop as well as in encouraging roleplay interaction around Hathian by advertising in a few different ways. Passing out business cards with discounts, hiring other characters to pass out flyers and even purchasing a topper on one of the Hathian Motors cabs. Being active in the shop as well as around town, I would love to be able to promote and grow business and RP opportunities with the PA.

UNIQUE: My idea to increase the unique qualities of the Poison Apple is to sponsor live demonstrations, like suspension shows or special events. A "Try your luck" Glory hole type of tattoo event could be fun. Clients know their art will be professionally and cleanly done, but they won't know what it will be. They would sit in a chair and stick a body part through a partition or curtain to be tattooed, and the artist on the other side of the wall would be able to do anything they like. Cordelia has always mentioned wanting to advertise the shop's Skilled artists in more unique ways and what their other "offerings" are, aside from the average piercings and tattoos.

EXPERIENCE: I have been RPing Cordelia as a piercer/body mod artist at the PA for a few years now. She's seen the Rejects roll through, participated in several events the PA was previously involved in, and for a while was even an acting IC manager in the shop. I've loved my RP there, and want to see it continue as a professional business and Roleplay place. I've had leadership positions in other sims, been involved in NPC and storyteller teams in the past, and would love to be able to bring that zeal to create RP opportunities to the PA in a more official capacity than I've already been doing.

IDEAS: Besides some of the things I've already suggested, I would like to see more actual involvement from the staff and encouraging involvement with current staff and new people on sim. Being a prominent business on Bourbon street means the shop needs involvement with local businesses and business owners, and I would like to be able to have the PA helping in sponsoring some of the events that happen, as well as hosting some. In engaging new hires, I would reach out and attempt to play the interview process with them, and as scheduling permits, do my best to interact with all active and new staff. New players to the sim are a great source of "business" and I will continue to seek them out to not only hire as 'flyer posters' but to offer business cards and attempt to lure them to the shop for RP!

OTHER: A re-opening under new management event would be a blast! Likely advertise it across the sim via the Observer and WKRK radio. Throw out some tables with food, some balloons, hire a DJ and have a little street party. Talk to Loz with Lou's about joining in with refreshments and give out piercing/jewelry discount coupons to those who show up. "BOGO! Buy one, get one free. Everyone needs another hole!" type of thing. "Standing to pee is overrated. Come get your PA on at the PA - Free jewelry with piercing during Grand-ReOpening under new management!" please note, If someone else is chosen.. PLEASE for the love of hygiene, someone put a sink in the PA!

June 16, 2019 at 8:42 pm
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