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Hi, I've been around CD for a little while now. Haven't really had much experience RP'ing yet but hoping to change that. Still a bit of a noob when it comes to RP but eager to learn and get creative.


Turning the key in the weak lock of her motel room door, she glanced around the street before heading into town. The heat was stifling on her skin, something she still wasn't used too, thinking back to dull rainy days back home. Can't believe I actually miss that weather. She passed a few different faces as she neared her destination, some she had seen before and some new. Probably drifters. Stepping inside the building she was met with the strong smell of coffee and sweet pastries. Walking through to the back she sighed, no matter how free she felt work was always work regardless. Throwing an apron on and plastering a fake smile on her face she stepped up to the counter of the coffee shop. Just another day in her new life, her Daily Grind she chuckled darkly to herself.


Name: Nyx (is an alias)

Age: 23

Personality: Always described as nice, too nice for her own good. The cracks are beginning to show, the facade of niceness beginning to fade, leaving behind something a little darker. A once painfully open person has withdrawn into herself, guarding all her secrets fiercely. If you are lucky enough to slip past her defenses consider yourself special. Some people whisper about her, her silent stare that watches you from across the room, the way her mood can shift so drastically but most of all people what to know what is the band on her wrist that she tries to hide when she catches you looking.


Her Story So Far . . . 

Growing up she was quite average, nothing really defining her. In high school this averageness continued until her final two years when she failed her classes. Her plans of going to college ruined she got a job. 5 years later and she was still in her dead end job. Every time she tried to advance she was denied. Deciding she'd had enough, she withdrew all her savings and got on a plane to New York, leaving Scotland behind her.

She bought a cheap car and set out on a road trip. She traveled from place to place, state to state. Occasionally stopping for a few weeks at a time, picking up a job here and there, cash in hand. For the first time she felt free and happy.

One night, leaving some nameless bar and heading back to her motel she was cornered by 3 guys. They overpowered her and threw her into a car.

For the next 3 months she was kept bound and at their mercy. She was beaten, abused and tortured. She genuinely thought she would die there.

However, salvation came one day. They had beaten her worse than usual and thought they had killed her. They bundled her into a car and drove her to the side of the road, dumping her and driving off.

She was picked up and taken to hospital. Faces blurred and time passed there as she healed. When asked who she was and if she could describe the men she pleaded ignorance, pretended not to know who she was or what they looked like.

Once released she skipped town with her recovered possessions. Until her car broke down and money too low to repair it. She found herself somewhere down south, a dirty town called Hathian. With a changed name and look she's out to start again.

Ƙєηzιє MαcƊσηαƖɗ
'I'll ѕαy ιт αѕ мαɴy тιмeѕ αѕ yoυ wιѕн. I wιll ɴoт вeтrαy yoυ'

March 27, 2018 at 2:31 pm
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