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This group is currently led by Lance and Jasmine -- both have submitted their proposals.

DATE: 2/21/11

PROPOSAL BY: Jasmine Slade

GROUP NAME: Hathian General

BACKSTORY: Hathian General Hospital - Of course the hospital was here before me, but it is a wonderful and vital avenue for roleplay but seems to be guided by the leadership getting in there and role-playing. I am assistant COS of the hospital and co-lead with Lance Amat. He and I set our plans to paper together as we both want the very best rp possible and hope to promote more and more staff roleplay in and out of the hospital. In doing that we hope to keep new threads open for players who want to participate. The following is the proposal Lance and I did together so I am sure you will have the same copy from him, but as I said it what we would like to see happen. The Hospital Group is part of the municipal services along with HPD, FDH. (probably others to come such a Civic and Correctional group in the works ) Applications for the group should be available on the system at the ooc location and on site in the lobby of the hospital. The hospital provide a full range of Inpatients services in Medicine. Psychiatry, and forensic care. We have contracts with other community services to provide OPD care in such a location as the College, the schools, the correctional facility. We work hand in hand with the PD and judicial system to provide evaluations of suspects and OPD care for inmates. We run regular STD programs in the college , staff the university clinic with accredited staff and provide Consulting service to school and the college in the form of lecture or workshops. The hospital management team consist of a Chief of Staff and and Assistant -Chief of Staff to cover all the administrative obligations expected in running a large institution open 24/7 The table of organization reflects several professional disciplines and a specific hierarchical progression from novice to seniors who acts as department heads. The definition of Role titles reflects the tags given withing the group. Promotions will be granted on the base of a web-based roster that reflects the quality and participation All members of the hospital group are expected to know the rules of the hospital and be prepared to follow them. Activities report and evidence of participation will be used to certify that a staff member will maintain his or her position in the structure.


Level 4: Chief of Staff (HGH-Metro 8 Administrator) Assistant Chief of Staff Supervises all the Hospital divisions and all the associated outpatient and community clinics for Medicine, Psychiatry and Forensic. All staff report to the COS Level 3 Department Heads and Senior Staff They are all qualified professionals capable to show expertise in their specialties and to supervise the interns assigned to them. Level 2 Are the bulk of the attending: Doctors, psychiatrists, Nurses. They have completed their residency/internship and have been accepted in the hospital as staff members. Level 1 Resident-Interns in all disciplines: medical-Nursing-Psychiatry-Forensic. They are working under supervision till accepted in a department and must pass a probational period before being promoted Non-medical staff are receptionists and janitor. We will continue to NPC security guards Joining the Group Any member whose application has been accepted in the main RP group will be able to join the hospital staff after 72 hrs of the acceptance date. If they try to join before that, they will be instructed to RP w/ staff to learn about the various career paths and see if the job is really what the character would want to apply for. When the 72 hr hold has passed, they will be able to click on a board and select the career path they want to begin. When selected, their career path will be marked on the roster and they will receive an immediate invite to the group with a generic "HGH Staff" title. Promotions STARTING LEVEL >> LEVEL 1: Must assist in X amount of cases w/ Level 1+ staff members. Though starting employees won't have access to create charts, they can be mentioned under the "participating staff" section on the chart. When mentioned a certain number of times, they will automatically be promoted in the roster system and assigned the role in the in-world group. Interns will be at starting level .

====Medical Intern====
A medical intern is a doctor who has graduated from medical school, but is not yet licensed to practice medicine without additional training. Unless assigned to nursing or Non-medical staff roles, all new applicants will be awarded the title of "INTERN" and will have to serve in such capacity under the supervision of Senior Physicians until they have fulfilled the basic rotation requirements. Be prepared to work long hours and overnights shifts. Basic requirement will demand a training period of at least 90 days during which time each interns must document medical interventions (RP) in such specialties as : Emergency Room Medicine, Surgical and Internal Medicine, OB-GYN, and Pediatrics. Psychiatric rotation is optional for Interns on a Medical track but mandatory for those planning to graduate to Psychiatric Service. Besides working with doctors, Interns may be sent to do rotations at outside clinics in Schools, University, or at the Jail. Around the time of the Mid-Internship period. The Intern and the Senior Physician will meet with the COS or Assistant COS to determine if their performance is satisfactory and what steps remain to be completed before their promotion to attending.

LEVEL 1 >> LEVEL 2: Must write or assist in X amount of cases. Promotion will not be automated; a Level 4 staff member will be alerted of eligibility and will have discretion whether to promote or not. The roles in level 2 are as follow: Level 2 or attending, Nurses and psychiatrists. The role of Attending is very demanding. Doctors are known to be working long hours at the hospital. The attending are the back bone of the medical care program and are responsible for treating every form of patients in the hospital or affiliated clinics. They take medical history, write on the chart system. Perform physical examination , diagnose problems and prescribe all forms of treatments. They do not supervise interns but interns will work alongside with doctors. They are consulted, however and their opinion is respected when making an intern evaluation. Promotion of doctors to senior physicians is based on documented evidence of regular presence in the hospital. All doctors , will be submitting regular activities report and showed willingness to respond to emergency calls. The feedback they provide on the interns they observed will be taken into consideration as a sign of their capacity to become senior doctor. Longevity of service will also play an important part in the promotion .

LEVEL 2 >> LEVEL 3: Must be regularly active, helpful, and display leadership qualities both IC and OOC. Up to Administrator. Senior staff at level 3 The role of Senior staff is defined by longevity of service coupled with evidence of medical or Psychiatric skills in addition to commitment to the hospital's mission and participation in the education of intern through supervision. Senior Doctors also exhibit particular specialties which gets them dedicated referrals. They supervise interns officially and often according to the specialty they have mastered. They retain the right to assign task to the interns and to the attending.

Abilities Below is a list of cascading abilities: STARTING LEVEL: Can use HGH group chat and be mentioned as a participant in charts. Can read chart of active hospitalized patient laying in a recovery bed. LEVEL 1: Write and read charts. LEVEL 2: View activity reports. LEVEL 3: Promote Level 1 to Level 2 on roster and in in-world group. LEVEL 4: Promote all levels and group titles. Plans for expansion: Like the city itself , the hospital is bound to change and we are open for suggestions that would enhance the services we provide and promote more role play , greater participation from staff since like all the community services we have to address the constant turn over of staff and the danger that efforts to make the role play realistic and immersive demands more than many people are willing to give. I am particularly open to develop programs and services that would lend to a darker roleplay. I was thinking of Methadone Maintenance clinic.. that brings addicts to the hospital with all the problems that goes with it. Another thing we could do to get staff rping and also mingling with other players is to periodically send them to the different schools to do talks on medical careers. Also we could try to get medicals services to more people by setting up on front of the Gein or other business to promote help for addiction. The rp possibilities for the hospital and staff are endless if we all put in just a little time and energy. This is rp that can bring many people into play. Lance and I do try to be at the hospital every day. We also rp in our fishtown home and with others outside the hospital to allow staff roleplay without feeling they are being overseen. We also try to be available for roleplay when we are online as needed.

UNIQUE: The hospital already stands out, thanks to all the people who have worked hard through the years to maintain it. We expect to keep good staff who will respond to emergencies as well as simple roleplay when needed. Of course there is no way to have someone on all the time for every need, real life happens and that should be understood first and foremost. However, once the tag is accepted, players need to show up at least once or twice a week and turn in activity reports when called for. The hospital saves lives, we have a surgical department, Emergency Rooms, OBGYN and nursery as well as the psyc ward and the morgue where autopsies can be befored by the team now being trainied in Medical Forensics who will be able to help the police solve murders hopefully and promote departmental role-plays.

EXP: I've been co-leading the hospital roleplay with Lance for over a year. I feel I do have the experience necessary. Also I love and respect CD and the people who run it. It's important to welcome new people, and I do that often in IM if I see them just walking around. Helping others can only help you, and in doing that I feel I've helped a good man people decide to come to CD. I also like to build new threads and with Lance to help we do that a good deal and try to incorporate the staff and as many others who will pick up and follow the rp.

IDEAS: As I said, I do try to contact people with observer tags, or who don't have tags and offer help and information. I often give the CD welcome notecard from the ooc area and direct them there for information on the different groups. The proposal above gives you details on more things we want to accomplish.

OTHER: I've said more than enough... bet you're tired of reading by now.

DATE: 2/21/11


GROUP NAME: Hathian General

BACKSTORY: The hospital is an original feature of the sim. I have been part of it for over 3 years now. Originally as staff member . Later on as Cooleader and now COS in association with Jasmine Slade. I plan to continue in that role and work with other in expending the services in order to continue making the hospital an important part of the City's life.

UNIQUE: HGH-Metro8 is a continuation of HGH at a different location: In a setting that was transformed to enhance the quality of play and made user friendly through creative web-based medical records system and an environment transformed to facilitate roleplaying. The hospital is a magnet for action. At any time of day and night , you can see some roleplay happening. We maintain a good roster of active staff , constantly evaluating their performance, rewarding those who contribute, assisting those who struggle with the rp and weeding our dead wood when that is needed. The hospital is a community agency that provide out-patients services in location throughout the sim.. under contract our staff assist with testing at the college - or provide medical check ups at the jail or wherever criminals are incarcerated. Our senior staff has been available to go to other agency and lecture on important health issues or act as consultants when needed. We are prepare to do more in collaboration with other group. We plan to keep the hospital violence free through rp. But is has not been declared a "safe place"

EXP: I am at ease making decision. Capable to hear all side and then act in the interest of the group. I am patient and fair minded. I have great stamina in facing crisis. I am prepared to do the work that I demand from other. Although I can be tough, I consider myself kind. I am organized and not afraid to ask for help in the areas where I am not proficient. I am experienced in life issues and culturally educated and sensitive to difference in background and culture. (i am also modest, if you noticed ) not too mention funny and while taking the job seriously i am not taking myself too seriously.

IDEAS: I have stated above some of my ongoing programs and I hope we develop the inter-community action even more.. I like to see some good joint roleplay that involve the hospital and the other agencies dealing with the citizens. I am open for ideas we can work on. On this subject i think the leaders of the "community' Agencies " should have regular IC meetings where they present issues and projects that are ongoing in a town hall style of get together. These meetings should have a agenda and the resulting decision could be published in the Paper.

OTHER: I rest my case. LOL.. The hospital should continue and jasmine and I are ready to keep on leading it

Community: Please provide general feedback on this proposal, including comments, suggestions for improvement, advice based on your experience, or simply to show support if you like this proposal.

Proposal Author: Please use this thread and respond w/ any revisions to your proposal that you'd like to make based on community feedback you see here (highly recommended). Depending on community and staff review, this proposal may or may not proceed to trial stage.

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