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As this is OOC and a possible way to attract rp-ers I will share some info about Ming which only a few trusted people know about . This is pure OOC knowledge.

Many of you know her as a sweet, motherly type , caring and empathetic but Ming has a darker side which she rarely reveals..I mean really dark.

She is a certified and brilliant psychologist and surgeon. She isn't working as such though. Her sadistic need to experiment on living creatures, including humans, has proven to be incompatible with any genuine job in healthcare. Her specialism is plastic surgery and brain surgery and she uses that for her own 'hobby'.

Currently she is experimenting with gender change on humans in her own makeshift lab at her home in Batterie. (when she has no subjects to experiment with she doesn't shy away from kidnapping and/or brainwashing someone).

Vicious torturing is also one of her specialties and she loves it, especially if her victim is a woman more beautiful than herself.

Mind you..I have very few limits and I expect a rp partner to think the same so if you are interested in a scene or storyline, just shoot me an IM, offline is possible, I get them in my email.


January 14, 2020 at 4:34 am
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