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Hi my friends,

Quick OOC : I'm gonna start a blog. I'm new to CD so I don't know everybody. I'm gonna use this blog to start storylines, keep you posted on the current storylines etc ... I'm gonna have my new connexion tomorow I think so If you want to join this story lines, just contact me here or In game.

Ok so back IC ...

Manon posted "Last day at my parents house before getting back at CU ! Kiss !" ...

Storylines :

Limits : No gore, no violence, no blood or violent stuffs.

Family reunion : So for this story lines I'm gonna need 3 others player to play the role of my parents and my older sister. This is the funniest storyline. My parents and my sisters are richs, ultra religious peoples so putting them in CU or Hathian for a nice family reunion could be pretty funny to RP. Manon getting loose with sex stuff and not paying attention to study having her family over who still think she's a nice, good girl make me laugh already ... 😀

The stalker : "A perv down in the street of Hathian see on CU social network there is a new hot rich naughty brat in the campus, going to the gym in tight outfits, sleeping naked etc ... He can help it but stalking her, posting naughty photos of her on the social network." For this storyline, I need one stalker. In the day time you mostly gonna stalk her, take pictures etc ... The night time, it's rape time. Manon is a nympho so it's gonna start as a rape but quicky turn into consensual stuffs. The stalker can take pictures of that too. Manon doesn't want people to know she's a slut so it's can be fun to RP if someone find those photos. For the night time actions, you can break into her house, follow her in a dark alley etc ... Process as you want. The only place where rape is accepted in daytime is when she's in her house. Then you gonna have to put a "break in" RP.

The bad girl : "Manon's always late in class, doesn't care about homeworks and spend a lot of time having fun instead of studying. A naughty teacher think this is the perfect opportunity to "teach her" how to be a good girl." For this one, I'm gonna need a teacher, male, female or trans (futa), doesn't matter as long as your character is a dom. There's mostly gonna be sex stuffs, some BDSM (nothing really hardcore, mostly sub stuff).

Ok this is the 3 storylines I want to start, contact me IM or on my blog if you want to join. Hope to see you soon on CU. Kiss ! 😉

August 30, 2017 at 12:59 am
Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)

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