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Hi everyone I'm Mae, I've been milling around CD for a few weeks now, working on getting the area familiar, settling into a home, and whatnot.  I am looking forward to getting immersed into the mixes of stories and events that happen here.  It isn't much, but here is some of Mae's little backstory.

Mae was raised in San Diego, CA.  She loved the beach life, the weather, even the world.  When she was in junior high she was blessed with having 2 new younger sisters.  Nothing could of made her happier.  She grew such a tight bound with her sisters from the beginning and swore to always make sure they were happy and safe.

It was no more than a couple of years after her sisters were born that her "perfect" life spiraled out of control.  Her father lost his job as a chief engineer at the nearby jet engine manufacturing plant.  He tried to find work that matched his salary, but when I had no luck Mae's mother, who was use to having her lush and lavish lifestyle would cuss and scream at him to try harder, at times she would even get physical with him.  Mae's father kept it together as long as he could, even when her mother took to heavy drinking and smoking.

Mae did all she could to shelter her younger sisters from their parents rages and fights.  When her sisters were scared they would run to Mae whenever she was around and she would take them outside or somewhere else.  When Mae would come home from being out she would often find her sisters hiding in her room in her closet, or even in her bed with their ears covered waiting for her to make it "all right" again.

Time passed, Mae's dads had 2 jobs, neither he was proud of, and her mother would continue to drink, and smoke.  She also began to use the time Mae's dad was not home and venture out and fall into the wrong crowds and do drugs, and sleep with who she wanted, not for money, for spite.  Yet she would always manage to be home before Mae's father and put together a halfass made dinner, drunk, to which was the "norm" for them all to see.  Who would be the wiser?     ....Mae

More time had passed and one night during a nasty fight between her parents, while they were throwing glasses and anything they could get their hands on at each other Mae scooped up her two sisters and what clothes they could carry and left home for good to never return.

Mae and her sisters came across Hathian and it was here where she would make them a new home and continue to do what she promised the day they were born, to make sure they were happy and safe.  (the rest is rp)

July 5, 2017 at 1:23 pm
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