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Copied over:


Hello, Hello!

So , we have some up and coming exciting things on the way. I would like to introduce the idea here, and then possible feedback would be great! This has been an idea that I have been toying around with for some time, I've been moving in RL, so we all know how that goes!

I totally get that there are fights all over the place, but I would like to bring this idea back to the table due to Lou's being knowing past and present for their fights. At this time, I've come up with a different bit of a set-up, and spoke to a friend - Roland - who offered some of his ideas as well.

First off - The Gist - (More details will be added to thread once I write it up)

- In the end, one fighter will become Hathian's champion, but I would like to see this last over months of RP throughout the town. 1) I don't want people getting bored of it. 2) It should be a process to work up to as I would like to see multiple fights develop all over the city hosted by Lou's.

- Each business/faction will advertise (by word of mouth, through business meetings, etc.. try to keep as quiet as possible) that they are looking for someone to represent them in the 'Big Fights'. When said business/faction has interested parties come forward, they will notify Lou's. Each business will be given a deadline to have their representer "ready". In the meantime, business/factions will be notifying Lou's with fighters, at which point, Lou's will set up fight stations around the city to Host/Sponsor at "random" -ICly-. This will be by invite only, or word of mouth. The PD: You are a business/faction after all, can even get involved with this by preparing a fighter to represent you OR try to locate the fights in order to bust them OR work out deals with Lou's Bar.


- Once B/F has a fighter to represent them in the bouts, they are to notify Lou's. At this time, Lou's will provide a location for bare knuckle bouts to occur around the city, at random locations hosted/sponsored by Lou's. One champion will be determined and become the Hathian's Ultimate Fighter. They will be featured as a centerfold in ORiGiN Magazine - and a winning pot. (Bets welcomed IC as this will help with incentive, and bigger pot!) This is open for MALES AND FEMALES!!

-So, what do we know so far?

Business/Faction determine representer by random fights.

Notify Lou's

Let the main fights begin to determine Ultimate Fighter!



Second order of business!

Given the public wants it (through majority wins - voting)


This too will be by invite only, IC'ly. This is to encourage neutrality between factions, but also will be open for others to join.

Two spots (and their plus one) will be open to each faction once a month.

Two spots (and their plus one) will be open to the public each month.

This is to prevent overcrowding and lag. If you don't get chosen the first time, don't fret!

Games will be held in Lou's at random ((OOCly pre-determined dates)).

This will NOT be advertised IC'ly.

IC'ly all will be expected to sign a contract before , a non-disclosure agreement. - Poker nights are confidential, and are not to be discussed outside of poker night.

Poker nights will be held once a month. Persons will be told in month prior to their game in order to build up credit or take loans, or find financial backings... or just to be prepared.



Of course we still have our 'Thirsty Thursdays', which I would like to bring back the idea of themes, specials, micro-events, and/or incentives.


Lou's and TT are at ends! They are facing a bar battle... at least their bosses are! We would like to encourage this down the line of employees. Get creative! Theft, bullying, vandalism, or even a harmless bartender battle! Blue and Loz will be going face to face at a random bartender battle! (If there are any other bars that would like to join this hostility of bar vs bar - please do so! This has been an ongoing thing that we randomly act on!) Also, please remember that if you choose theft or vandalism please ensure that it is okay with business LEADS prior to the RP, please keep a notecard of the RP, as well as, ensure that others are there to witness the RP.


Lou's is looking to collaborate with any other businesses for whatever reason... I mean we sell liquor, so try to stick within the reasonings.. BUT we can host as well!


In May we were suppose to have a MILF contest. I was moving RL, and still getting things in order, as well as I will be out of the country from June 5th-14th. Lou's would like to combine a MILF & FILF contest.. so look for this in the future.

This does not mean that Lou's employees cannot throw down a notice, group message, forum, etc... to get the party started. I welcome it - as long as it is within the expectations and ideals of Lou's. Lou's is not a high-end bar.. but we still know how to party!

Also, please be aware that CCTV footage is only available to the owner, Loz. There is no other way to obtain this footage other than by obtaining it from her, or her phone. If you must... get creative. I'm open to that! All employees should direct those in search of it to Loz (Lozza Weymann).

June 1, 2018 at 11:53 pm
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