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I've tried the usual rp channels and either the person just wants sex which sadly while pixel humping IS enjoyable with the right person{s} it's NOT why I role play, or they are already with someone which obviously I'm not going to break up an IC and/or OOC couple cuz I like how your avatar looks/you roleplay. I'd like someone Gabby can actually depend on, have kids with {she's Pan so females welcome and we do the whole baby test tube thing lol}



1. She is Doe's kid so anyone who has been with Doe IC need not apply UNLESS approved by Doe OOC she's been my RP mom for 9yrs now I've RPed Gabby in Hathian that long from a kid to now age 27 and I don't care how awesome your char is no one is worth screwing a long time IC fam / OOC friend over for that

2. Gabby when on her MPD/DID [multiple personality disorder] meds is 'mostly' a sane happy person. HOWEVER no meds = you deal with a shit load of crazy. While her DID acting up is a possible story in the future she's been 'sane' for over a RP year and I'd LIKE to keep it that way lol.

If your interested please please message/nc me in secondlife though your free to respond here. Please don't offer if your character is with someone, wanting sex, or not serious NOW if your char IS in a relationship and ya'll are in an open relationship that's fine as Gabby is Poly


April 10, 2019 at 12:00 am
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