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It's your teen tattoo/body modder again.~

Sadly, a rp went void for me where my character was "forced" to join this small time criminal gang in exchange for his life (mugging went bad, then good, then bad again). It lined very well with my current IC ideas, but...it fell through.

I'm looking for another opportunity for my character to join up with a bunch of shady individuals. Either large, small, family or faction all not minding that my character is 16.

My character can be a low rank member, a servant, or anything along those lines. Do know that he will know he's being used, and is using your character in exchange for network connections. He's very independent and social, looking to grow his own personal business in street tattoo and body mods. He also has morals and will struggle to keep them depending on situation. As I also stated in another thread, because he knows body mods, he has a pretty advanced knowledge in first aid...making him perfect for those who don't want to risk going to the hospital in fear of the police.

This will be a long term rp. Please be active in CD. I'm open to all types of dealings, drugs, money, theft, etc. I also don't mind my character being pushed around, but please remember the CD rules of youth characters and mine. No extreme violence or X rated.

As well, I'm willing to start up a small gang group of teens, 13-19, separate from what I stated above. It'll just be people talking smack and getting into trouble. A more "coming of age" group dynamic than anything more.

If interested, please message me in world (Ohsynclair Resident) or send something via the forums. We'll talk and see where things go.

Happy roleplaying!


October 24, 2018 at 1:55 pm
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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