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Well leila isn't exactly new, in fact shes been here for quite a few months.
Her backstory isn't full of happiness and sparkles, she's had a tough time growing up but shes found it made her a strong individual. Shes learnt to be cautious of people and to always trust her instincts and with a town like hathian shes gonna need to be cautious of most people!! She's a sarcastic, tough, girl who refuses to take shit of anyone.
Working at lou's bar as a bartender she has conversed with some interesting characters, resulting in her making friends for life as well as enemies, who she has, or will, deal with them with them accordingly.
Hathian is a big game changer for leila, it could make her into a good person or effect her so much she becomes much more darker than she already is. Only time will tell.

May 30, 2014 at 3:49 am
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