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Hello everyone,

I have recently came back on this avatar, been RPing here and there, and decided to take my character in a dark role. Sure, there are others who do it, but I dare say CD needs more of this. I remember when it used to be "dangerous" for your character to be out on the streets alone, male or female, or to go down a dark alley, or even just going to the bar could be risky. My main goal is to bring back some of that "fear" ICly. The way I want to do that is by making a serial murderer/torturer. I already have a few stories going and I aim to make this a much larger story arch (with the help of the community). Not only do I need anyone who is looking for a dramatic end to their characters life, one that would promote a new story, but also I am interested in any detectives who are looking for an on going "chase", anyone who wants to be injured and play the victim, any news reporters who want to report on the story, anyone who may even fight back, or anyone who just wants in on this story. The story is that Grim is a dangerous person. He kills, leaves notes and pictures for the police and media, but he does not have a type or motive. He simply enjoys it. He is pure evil. He is asexual, so this is a story for those who are looking for something dark without the sexual side of it. Not that I judge any of that, but my character isn't doing that, he just wants to torment people. Of course, I realize at the end of it, my character may be caught and possibly even killed himself, but hopefully by that time there is a major story going. I am looking for inspiration as a RL writer, so I want this to be a great story, and I will be fair and make it interesting for all involved. If anyone is interested, shoot me an IM in world, or a response on here. Any questions, feel free to ask. I will work with anyone. It doesn't matter if you are new here, or someone who has been on for years. I hope this gets going, it will be a lot of fun.


PS: This goes without saying, or it should, but nothing with children or teens please. Adults only...and not for the weak stomachs!

July 31, 2018 at 2:26 pm
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1anne3 melson


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August 1, 2018 at 2:01 am
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