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Lulu Hopper and her brother Ain Hopper came to town looking for chaotic fun and family.  Scarred physically, emotionally, and mentally, they seek victims for their own reasons.  Raised by a cannibal clan, they were instilled with the beliefs that nothing is more important than family and the rest of the world is filled with nothing by food and toys.  Lulu has a natural hatred for pretty people, men or women, she is jealous of their looks and will take every opportunity to destroy such beauty in any manner that she can.  Her brother is more simple, he is a savage animal whose actions are spurred by hunger and lust.  He either wants to eat or to gift someone with a pretty face or soul with his seed in hopes to creating the family he has lost except for his sister.  They know life is short, they can be dead tomorrow, so they seek to create their family to carry on the bloodline.


Seeking anyone wanting to play a victim for extended roleplay.  This will not be a simple catch them and kill them scene, we are looking for that Final Girl, the one who does not mind being stalked, hunted, terrorized, and potentially caught and tortured.  Do you instead want a glorious death for your character, we are fine with killings or torturing.  No limits too hard or too soft, the roleplay is all.


Seeking a family to belong to, we are seeking family as well.  Imagine the clan from Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the Devil's Rejects as inspiration.  Join us in creating chaos in the city, putting fear on the streets, and fun in the Sim.  Beware, the faint hearted need not apply, the Hoppers might go down in a hail of gunfire tomorrow or end up locked down and drugged in the asylum for the rest of their days, the future is uncertain.


For more information, contact Shanaceleste Resident or Slowlywerot.

May 29, 2020 at 5:52 pm
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venus quinnell


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May 30, 2020 at 5:31 am
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