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caidensloane resident


Urban RP Backstory.

Caiden Sloane


Hair: Black

Age: 33

Caiden Sloane had arrived two nights ago, and had quickly found himself a job working at a motel known as 'the Pink'  During some of his time he tends to work as a clerk, but does help with the house keeping every so often.  He is a man who values the honor of a deal, if someone decides to make a bargain with him, and if he agrees to it with a shake of the hand.  He believes the bargain has been struck, and He honors such a deal.  This is why he chooses which to accept, for if someone is wanting a deal with him it be doubly true that Mr.  Sloane will want something in return.    He will also do favors when it comes to his job at the Pink... he appears friendly and offers a kind smile but in truth, he has the potential to be far worse for any innocent, or victim to mess with.

March 6, 2018 at 1:14 pm
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