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Luna's a bit of an army brat, moving from one place to another every few months for most of her life because of her parents' work in the military. She lived with her parents until her 20th birthday because of monetary reasons, but has since moved to Hathian to try and create a stable life of her own. She's very laid-back and honest, with a bit of a southern drawl and a cigarette constantly lit.
Age: 21
Hair: very long, red
Eyes: light blue
Height: 5'7"
Tattoos: many; two full arm sleeves, the words "dream" and "ghost" and stars on her chest/neck, red armbands, large tattoo on back, stomach tattoos, crosses on wrists, card deck symbols on knuckles, elaborate flower on right thigh
Piercings: cheek piercings, monroe, ears, navel
Carrying: about $20, two packs of cigarettes, switchblade, small bag of weed, cell phone
Relationship status: single, lesbian, uninterested in long-term relationships
Injuries: none at the moment
Family: mother, father, twin brother Julius
Accent: slight southern accent from her time spent living in Alabama as a child
Has lived in: Alabama, South Carolina, Utah, Washington, North Dakota, Mississippi, and most recently Indiana. Now lives in Hathian, Louisiana.


hi!! i love constructive criticism, id love some tips if you have any because while ive been rping forum-style for a while, ive just started rping in sl. thanks! 🙂

November 23, 2013 at 4:04 pm
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