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In researching the citizens of the "real Crack Den," Desire, I've found out much about their custodians:

The 5th District of the New Orleans PD.

Some of the sterling qualities of the NOPD during New Orleans' dark, recent era shine through as parallels with how the HPD runs itself. A lot of them even go toward explaining some of the reasons why New Orleans officers - and our own Hathian PD - might act as they do:

* The average salary of the NOPD is around $20,000 a year, less than the national average of unskilled workers.

* NOPD Officers are encouraged to work "details" - jobs outside their full-time police work - to compensate for lack of a living wage.

* Details would be in addition to their work hours, inspiring outstanding amounts of stress and fatigue.

* These "details" can include things like protection, and so often the Officers will protect businesses or neighborhoods for pay.

* In criminal instances, those "details" have included bodyguarding for criminals, extortion-style "protection," robbery, witness intimidation and even assassination.

* Over 70% of the New Orleans Police Department was reported to be working these details.

* "Detail" loyalties - like guarding a particular individual or business - would often trump precinct loyalties, causing tension in local precincts that could lead to blue-on-blue violence.

* Gang loyalties were also present, as hiring standards were lowered to find people desperate enough to join for such pitiful salaries, allowing people with histories of violence, mental illness and felony convictions onto the NOPD.

Lastly, conviction rates in the poor neighborhoods were pitifully low. Often witnesses would change their statements, disappear or turn on the cops to accuse them of coercion. This leads to arrested suspects being released rapidly, often without a bail hearing.

Sound familiar?

Here is an astounding story about a notorious cop-criminal from the "real Crack Den" of the 5th District - Len Davis, "The Desire Terrorist."

Len was a former banger who robbed, assaulted, backed drug dealers and prostitution rings. He came to the city's attention after he arranged and actively assisted in the murder of a woman who accused his partner of police brutality.

Check it out. Len would have been a fine ally for the Aces or Rejects.

He kind of reminds me of Max, only better dressed.

September 14, 2009 at 7:03 pm
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September 15, 2009 at 12:06 am
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September 17, 2009 at 2:54 pm
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