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I believe that we should incorporate an undercover division in the Hathian Police Dept. and here is why:

With the addition of an undercover division, many people involved in the HPD [namely those ranked officer which I can only assume consists of the most people out of all HPD ranks] will have some foundation to start from.

The HPD can utilize the undercover division for situations such as:
1. Gathering intel in the local gangs - This gives the undercover cop a change to immerse his or herself in the criminal underworld by getting friendly with a local gang, and later, possibly initiated in the gang as a result. All of this is obviously praised by the HPD, who would want intel on the latest happenings. The undercover cop, depending on where they're taking the story and where the roleplay leads, can be open to several choices to better his roleplay story. For example, he can become so immersed in the gang affairs that he betrays the HPD, or he can remain faithful to the HPD and wait until the perfect moment to hit the gang hard...

2. Forget parole officers, let's have undercover cops stalk the criminals of interest! - If you ain't crazy about getting dangerously deep in gangs while working for Hathian's Finest, consider stalking notorious criminals of interest to the HPD. Suspicious of a criminal whose name continues to appear in that big pile of criminal records? Think that's the suspect who committed that one crime, of which you have no evidence against otherwise? Nooo problem! Have an undercover cop stalk after their ass. Leave it up to the undercover officer to decide how he will go about stalking and monitoring the person. Whether he wants to stalk at a safe distance or try to befriend the criminal, you'll get the job done somehow, right?

3. Think a local business is beginning to smell fishy? Do we even have a Super Chopsticks! anymore?! Well, whatever, that's irrelevant. - Just get an undercover officer to get a job there, or otherwise get involved in the shady affairs behind the business front! Gather intel on the latest deals and plans, among other things. You'll be fine, nobody will ever suspect it! So as long as you're a good actor, anyway.

And there you have it! With that system in place, it'll grant a lot more roleplay momentum. You'll be able to provide the lower ranks of the HPD with something to get them started with [if they're a rookie, anyways] while stirring up roleplay within the community. Gangs and businesses aside, freelance criminals and day-to-day civilians will also make for potential undercover cop affairs given the situation. The point of this is that I believe the system would help to utilize roleplay in the community and manage to get everyone involved in some way, shape or form.

What? HPD can't afford a undercover division?! Don't worry, HPD. You can definitely afford this! Look at all of those fresh new rookie recruits that just washed in last month! Pass the job to them! Or... Just nudge Mayor Nevelle and get him to raise the city taxes to support the lastest project for their FANTASTIC police department! Heheh...

November 5, 2015 at 8:39 pm
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