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Esmeralda Siamendes


Hello everyone,

If you're looking to host an event on sim, be it a big one that could involve everyone or one more for a niche group (students, fans of social events, adults only, etc), here's a quick rundown of information and things you should try to do beforehand:

O Create your forum account: First of all, a lot of the following tips will need you to use a forum account. If you are checking this post as an anonymous and don’t have an account yet, go to the OOC skybox in world and click on the Forum board to create your account.

O Figure out the details: Who's hosting it? Where will it be? What date/time will it be at? Details are key both for getting yourself organized and helping others help you. We have many locations available on sim that are public for use: The Plant (Devils Pocket), D8 Park & Stage (District 8), Columtreal Student Union, Columtreal Quad/Courtyard, Hathian Theater (contact nickolask resident), & any business around sim might be able to hold it, too!

O Fliers: If appropriate, you can create a flier for your event that you will be able to use in various ways to communicate about your event including rezzing posters around sim (ask one of the Admins to do it for you) or handing the flier out IC.

O Add your event to the Calendar: By going to the Calendar you will see upcoming events and will get to add your own by clicking the red “Create an event” button. Fill up the new page that opens up and click on “Submit Event” at the bottom to have the event appear on the calendar. This also means your event will show up for everyone in the local chat message from Hathian Daily News when on sim.

O Post about your event on the forums: Using the Rolepay section, posting about the event on the forums allows people to know about it OOC if they have not been online in a few days. It’s also a great way to find people who would be OOC/IC interested in helping you organize the event.

O Group notices: Once details are finalized, reach out to a CM (Perina McGinnis or Clio Clary), or an Admin to send out a notice. Notices can be sent once up to 24 hours before the event. If your event is tied to a business, be sure to ask the business Lead to also send notices to their group so employees can help you.

O The Observer: To advertise about your event IC, you can have an article or advertisement posted in the Hathian Observer. Either contact Perina McGinnis or write and submit the article yourself  and pretend it was written by a NPC journalist.

O Work with other businesses: Don’t be afraid to ask other businesses to help you with your event. It can go from asking Raders to provide you with a DJ or Lou’s with alcohol. Either you can go OOC with a forum post (if you are a business lead, the RP Leaders forum is great for that) or your character can use the IC Yellow Pages to find the number of a specific business owner to reach out to.

O Social Medias: If you have an IC account for your character or your business, using those to spread the word about your upcoming event is a great way to get the word out about it.

O Story weavers: When appropriate, and depending on the event, reach out to the story weavers team to help create a sim wide storyline around it. Our current story weaver lead is Peri (Perina McGinnis).

O Decorate your event: Unless it’s on your own private location, you will need someone with rez rights to decorate your event. Either an official business leader can do this, or reach out to one of the CM/Admins. They will either be able to decorate the event for you or put you in contact with someone who can. Make sure to let business Leads know they'll need to set up early.

O The Hathian City Council: If you want to add a bit of realism to your roleplay, your character can reach out to the Hathian City Council to make sure they have the permits to hold the party, depending on its location. Council members are established characters IC and OOC so they could be of great help in advertising your event as well.

O On the day of the event: To remind people of your event starting, feel free to post a message in the CD Citizens group chat when it does. You can also post while the event is ongoing but be careful not to spam the group.

If you have ideas that were not posted here, feel free to comment below! I will add them to the list.

July 3, 2016 at 1:54 pm
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