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It has come to my attention that I haven't posted here yet! Well, that needs to change lol. Hello! I play Christian Volkoff, a surly, depressed Spaniard with a bit of a checkered past. To say the least haha. Below this find attached a shortened version of his history, and if you see me come say hi! :p


Born in Spain, Chris had a rather interesting childhood. Her mother, who was a wealthy politician, had wanted a boy. Chris was born as a bastard, even though she was married; her mother had been having an affair with a congressman of some reputation, and was hoping to leave her current marriage. Unfortunately, her plan was ruined. Chris was born a girl on a cold January morning. From an early age Chris understood that she was not wanted by her mother. Her father, the man she thought was her father, was never around for her to try to bond with. When he did come home, he was distant toward her. She had an abusive childhood, with parents who didn't want her but were stuck with taking care of her. As she grew older, her mother grew more cruel, until it became an escape or die situation. Chris didn't intend to die. She left her home, and forged a new path. Going to public universities, and eventually emigrating to America.

While living in Dead End, life changed for her. She was introduced to a whole new world, one of corruption, scandal, and even cannibalism to name a few. Her life became more about surviving than anything else, and she adjusted accordingly. Harsh though the times may be, there was some good; she ended up married to someone whom she considers her true love. Together, they embraced the bloody reality that was life in the city, and joined the cult. Probably the worst choice one could make. Soon they found out the members did more than just the public knew. They were cannibals, and worshiped a demon. Still, what were you going to do? Already indoctrinated into the fold, she embraced the teachings of Belial, and through that became something unrecognizable to what the girl once was. She was cruel, ruthless, seductive, and extremely determined when she set her mind to something. This went on for at least seven months, before she disappeared.

For about four months, she could no longer be found, and when she returned, her looks had drastically changed. He had undergone top surgery, and was on testosterone for a few months so that when he returned, he had grown a beard. Those who had known him before, were not really shocked when it happened. He just became what he always was. Soon after, he discovered a taste for drugs, and often would dabble into the more dangerous stuff in moderation. Psychedelics being his favorite. He stayed in Dead End for a few months, working the head shop with his husband, and continuing with the cult. After a time, they became too well known. They needed a new place, one where they weren't known, so they decided to move. And move they did, to Hathian. Now he's simply looking for his place in this unfamiliar city. Charming, and secretive about his past.

December 3, 2018 at 3:11 pm
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December 3, 2018 at 5:45 pm
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