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As he stared out towards Bourbon Street from the bridge above, Nagishi shifts his fingers to the blade hilt which sat at his hip He wiggled his fingers towards it and eventually gave it a feel. His Wakizashi was a fine replacement for now, it had only been taken from its rack to replace the Katana that was left behind after a night of violence and abuse. which resulted in his current injuries. Reality was cruel to him, it had been many times over. The only time it wasn’t was when he had met Jenia and that was luck…that was fate…that was two fucked up people who supposedly hated each other falling for each other instead.
He watches people go by, minding their own business below while keeping his fingers on the sword, eyes scanning the streets for potential ways to relieve some stress and cutting someone up in the process. People kept on moving not stopping to stare up at him but merely glancing his way from time to time, making his peering down at them feel like nothing special. Naturally Nish assumed that somebody will, at some point, tell him to jump and do a backflip in the process -this being Hathian and all- but that would end up with a consequence of Nish heading down there to exercise said excuse for chaos (if he managed to find them in the first place!) The black half mask was only one part of the ensemble he had picked for tonight; It complimented his chiselled features and hid the facial scars that ran down his right side, made by the same woman who had his Katana. The black jumpsuit and the black boots had been thrown on just to be that little bit more extra.
His hair was on fleek, shaped with enough stuff in it to let it remain raised up in his usual messy-spiky-do. It always took Nish a while to get ready, he was one of those guys who spent a lot of time on his looks and worked out daily. He made sure to eat healthy, not just for the benefits of being fit but also to keep his diseased body from killing him.
One great thing about the jumpsuit was that he had pockets, which was great for storing his phone in when he was in the mood to listen to music while wondering around. He was careful to pick at least one item of clothing that had pockets for that reason. It was an old habit which Nish still had, he always had a love for music, any music just to drown out the horrible world around him.
The next song to hit his ears is introduced by a charismatic DJ on one of Hathian’s radio stations “Together in Electric Dreams” He shifts his position and listens for the first few minutes before the chorus hits and Nish beings to lowly mumble the words of the song out loud, his forked tongue causing a lisp as he does “we’ll alwayth be together, however far it seems” He gives a sniff while he continues to peer down, the air was damp from a previous drizzle and usually Nish did mind the idea of getting wet since being HIV positive, he had to stay healthy due to his weak immune system. This time however Nish had enough angst to not have a care in the world. His fingers start to tap at the sword in rhythm to the music while he lowly sings “we’ll alwayth be together, together in electric dreamths”
He looks around, nobody was on the bridge so he sings it louder as the next chorus starts up, chiming in with his lisp and bopping away at it in his spot and tapping his sword hilt in time with the music, the street below is forgotten as is the world and Nish is driven into a chorus of song. However, he stops mid chorus as realization of how meaningful that song was. Such a bitter sweet song, was it a break up song? Was it about being in love or walking away from love? Either way it somehow reminded him of Jenia - the one woman who kept on believing in their love, even when he gave up on it. He missed her, he missed her kids, he missed feeling normal when he was around them.
Nish slumps as his blissful escape is brief and the song fades away while reality hits him once again. He needed some form of stability, he needed a tether to bring him back from the madness, someone who could pull him back out if he went too deep into the rabbit hole, he needed Jenia.

July 12, 2018 at 11:05 pm
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