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So, when players in world, ask in group chat for help, or send private messages, I've been directing them to the help section of the web page. I've been keeping an eye on these people and asking them if the info was helpful. The overwhelming response has been that some of the printed information is useful, but that many of the categories simply provide a list of people who never appear to be online, the system doesn't allow for offline messages, several sections list only a single contact, at least one lists no contact and the category for requesting support reference a forum feature that doesn't exist. (There is no tick box for "needs support") In a couple of cases (including one of my own) one of the people listed in the category wasn't even able to assist with that kind of problem listed.

The other comment is that the bottom of the page suggests discussing your questions/issues with a list of people who are generally not active.

I hope no one takes this personally or as an attack, but I feel like these people often don't come back and often don't provide any feedback, we just lose them. I think this also affects our active and dedicated players, I often hear their ideas for exciting plots or larger roleplay events, which would benefit the sim, but are dependent on inactive leadership, this quickly dampens enthusiasm, and people settle into playing with the reliable little groups and no longer try to engage a wider audience.

There's obviously more to this than just the help page, but it seemed like a logical place to start since it's the primary tool provided for the sim.

April 7, 2021 at 7:38 am
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April 7, 2021 at 4:29 pm
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