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For those who have never met me (that you know of), this character simply goes by the name of King. I am not new to RP or to CD even, but I am on this avatar, and so I will start fresh with a hello to you all and hopefully a fresh new RP for everyone as well.

King is a bit...odd...in a few ways...but I won't spoil all that for you. Hopefully we can RP and you'll find out.

A few things to know if anyone is interested though.

-King has a "family", which isn't really all related to him, but he looks after them above all things. He accepts the "lost souls" that he can relate too (or manipulate, depending on the situation) and looks after those he cares about. However, if he is betrayed, which may or may not even be done on purpose, he tends to get a bit...darker. Only this "family" can actually see the real King, or at least most of the time, other than who he is around others.

-King has real family too, and is seeking to reconnect with some (who are yet to be named).  His family is much like his "family", in the fact that they are like-minded people, who tend to be hippie like in their lifestyle (Free love, drugs, sharing homes, pretending to be peaceful).


If anyone is interested in being a part of either of these, or just RPing with me, feel free to IM me and I can tell you who else is involved, added details, or whatever you might want to know. Otherwise, I hope to see you all ICly and we can enjoy this world we all create together. Thanks for taking the time to read this!



December 3, 2017 at 7:06 pm
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