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I’ve seen a few people talk about this issue so wanted to make a few points on it. Particularly with regards to combat with smaller females. It was also touched on in the combat workshop and I wanted to reiterate it and add some extra.

A lot of this also applies to any combat between larger and smaller characters of either gender.

Anyone could win in a fight, even between a 6-7ft muscle bound ‘piano’ and a 5ft nothing little minx.

Small women can move faster. They’re also more likely to have been victimized or pushed around by other women or men. They’ll have the experience and will to attack when need be.

Women often don’t fight fair! Men often loosely base a fight on fairness to show even playing by the rules he can win. Women tend to not. It’s been my observation a woman can go from calm to crazy violent in the blink of an eye. Men tend to be more incremental which can be a disadvantage.

You might say I’m a man and can move fast. I also don’t fight fair.

Luck, skill and will apply to everyone, regardless of size.

Never assume because you’re the smaller one you will lose or because you’re bigger you will win.

In addition, think of defeat as the fertilizer to grow some great future scenes.

For example, you lose a fight to a woman. John finds out and mocks you. You attack John. John and anyone else learns because you lose to a woman, doesn’t mean you’re now helpless to defend yourself.

-Bats, knives etc-

Once again luck, speed and will to attack apply. Maybe a man can hit harder with a bat, cut deeper with a knife. Doesn’t make landing a blow certain and doesn’t mean a woman won’t be lucky, fast or wilful enough to get to a tender spot.

I’m reluctant to mention these as I believe in keeping ‘exotic’ weapons to a minimum. Bats, knife, bars, hooks etc tend to make for better RP. Pepper spray, tasers and guns tend to settle the argument and end the scene.

-Pepper Spray-

Once again nothing to do with size or gender. It is possible to develop a ‘tolerance’ to pepper spray. Very few people are immune. Most people have a very poor reaction to it which is why it tends to be so effective. Above all else be sure to react to it even if your character does have a tolerance. It’s a natural instinct when air/liquid hits your eyes to wince and close them or even put a hand to your face.


A taser-gun is an electro-shock weapon that introduces a massive high voltage to your body. For more detailed technical info check this out: Taser Technical

It effect, your muscles tense causing pain. In terms of RP, the bigger you are the more in hurts! The more muscular you are, the more you’re going to feel it as there’s that much more muscle mass to tense and experience pain.

Hope this helps with combat, or at least gives pause for thought.

Please comment and correct as needed 🙂

June 5, 2017 at 10:16 am
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June 6, 2017 at 12:46 pm
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July 13, 2017 at 6:42 pm
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