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So recently I have started a whole new character, my third character in three years and for the first time ever I have decided to role-play somebody older than the traditional 20 something moving into hathian to start a new life. I also really researched and developed my character before starting to roleplay to really decide what I want to do with her before i begin because I didn't want to decide several months later I don't want to role-play as her anymore

For this new character I really want to have a family within hathian a support group for her but her being the matriarch of the family. This family will really be powerful because they have funds to back them up and they will be more into white collar crime than lower crimes. I need members to join this family and make up some storylines

I want her to have 3 children, preferably at least one daughter and one son. The family will have a lavish home as they're headquarters and they're mother will look after them as best as she can but i want the family to be somewhat dysfunctional too.

So the background to my character: Valentina was born in France to a working class family that really strived to push her into the best of schools and to gain her a good future, She was sent off to London to study at secondary level and then on to university. She went on to study fine arts and become an Art Dealer to the elite. That is how she met her husband Alexandre Laurent a wealthy multi-millionaire who had been married at the time but left his wife for Valentina. They moved to the french riviera where they lived a healthy and lavish life and gaining their children. But one day the worst news struck Valentina as she was told that her husband had died in an accident. Days later, the police begun investigating the familie's wealth and where it was coming from, highlighting the criminal affairs that Alexandre had been committing including fraud, drug dealing and much more. Their assets were frozen and they were forced out of their lavish manor, Valentina was aware of some secret funds hidden away in off shore bank accounts and used it to begin a new life in an area far away from public life which brought them to Hathian.

If anyone is interested in this storyline or can even inventively have a way of including their characters in this storyline I would be very happy. Probably contact me in world just as precaution incase i don't see this. Thank you

Inworld name- ConorO1998 Resident

June 20, 2017 at 1:57 pm
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