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[Faction] The Horsemen

By Slevin Draconia

MEMBERS: Lemoira Resident, MollieDolly

BACKGROUND: Malakai - having spent quite some time on the streets - knows how to handle himself and work a coexistent crew. Using the skills he developed, he has decided to organize a group of like minded individuals to run in a Mercenary group, paid, on the roster under Malakai's watchful eye. Designed (In the public eye) to offer the weaker or mis-fortunate of the city a force of bodies ready to fight wars for them, bringing fear to their attackers, or better yet, judgment and retribution. Perhaps Now those Rapists, men who beat on women with untamed rage will think twice about what they do... They might invoke the wrath of the Horsemen...

They will do it all, blackmail evidence, a planned hit in a secluded place after having hunted their target for some time and got their routine down, arson made to look like an 'electrical fault' on the targets home, theft, kidnapping, torture. Yeah, they'll do it all to make it to the top. Malakai - with weeks worth of preparation - brought a few select people to his meeting spot, hand picked, sent through different tests, different experiences, whatever he deemed fit to have these associates prove their worth, and that they did. Each head of the Horsemen went through their own personal Rite of Passage. He extended an offer out to them, join him under one banner, his banner, make riches from his plans. All he needed was their able bodies... And so, the Horsemen were born, these 'exalted' few threw their hands in and started the business there, and then. All of the business had been funded out of Malakai's own pocket, until traction had gained and now it was pretty much self sufficient in the way of funding.

Hathian already has a few groups focused on things like drug trafficking, and other Niche's. I am to bring a faction in the shape of a Mercenary group, or, a 'business', one that will advertise their trade, Mercenary work. They've already had some successes in the shape of business and aim to add many, many more notches in the belt. He will have a select few allocated members running a council under him, this - being Australian with my wacky ass time zones - will give me the coverage I need to keep all inside operations running smoothly as well as give a stand in at any meetings I cannot attend, to help summarize and relay information. With my times, I will stay in contact with the staff on an OOC level, constantly. I also like to keep tabs on Twitter with the group and try to keep information simple, accessible. These select few will then branch down into the 'hand of'... Enforcers, Associates, Medical staff, whoever the designated Horsemen see fit to get the Contracts done. (In the soft trial stages, I'll work solely on building the backbone of the family, the officers, or, Exalted as he will call them. These will be 3 members carefully picked and trialled for the position, if we make it through soft trails and gain a few more slots for associates and members, this is where Kai will start to approve the Hand of the Exalted, the sworn few each of his Exalted have picked and vowed they're a fit for the Horsemen. Complete with their very own Rite's of passage, mercenaries will need to prove their mirth to this bunch.) Not only will this help us to have a wide variety of skills to bring to the table with each of the Horsemen's branches, but, it will give a inside competition within' the group, who's working the hardest? Who gets that juicy, juicy bonus at the end of the month... ( IC bonus checks given to the Horsemen and their hands that cashed in the most contracts. Ergo, we work hard, we get paid harder. ) For Recruitment; I'm going to do this a bit differently rather then the approach a member and get your in's. It's likely Malakai or one of the Horsemen would seek a potential member and give them a card, one with coordinates printed on it, there they'd meet one or a few of the Heads. There we are able to meet, express our interest and leave a scene open for future interactions! Members will be encouraged to carry business cards with them, tarot cards with nothing but the Horsemen's title, art, and a throwaway number. This - if the Police have enough on the business, will probably help pin who a members and encourage HPD to badger, battery, and whatever they deem fit to our members.


EXPERIENCE: I have held many positions within' factions over my years, I started in CoLA (A supernatural RP sim) and managed to climb to an officer position within a huge faction on sim, the collective. I had fun managing my section, training teams, so on. Not only that, in my time in Dead End, I managed to run the Inn at some point, help heavily story weave on sim, as well as become an influencial member in the Hellcats MC. In Crack Den I've lent my aid to smaller factions, helped the birth of the Craving at one point, if only a small amount, but still had an input. I pour my heart into everything I do, regularly on the forum, regularly aim to help people where I can and am always trying to be an approachable person. I will admit - my timezone can be a hindrance, but, I've appointed a few to help attend the meetings that I may miss, and we will do our very best to keep up our side of what is expected. With Tessa being American, and myself Australian that already gives us such a broad timeslot to coexist with our members and the Hathian staff. It also, however lets us have a diversity of time slots for different sorts of plays, and I feel that can be a blessing too. I will try to work at keeping a regular contact with both targets and customers, giving updates, so on and send forth a request OOC'ly of starting up some RP with the Horsemen. Now, if we managed to take a business into our grip, we'd use said business to store whatever narcotics, marked bills, weapons we may need, just things to not only hunt with, but also perhaps plant in a targets home and frame them... This gives an eery layer for the employee's of said business to RP with. Is there an officer in the establishment? Will they find the coke hidden rather poorly on the establishment? As well as this, we will aim to bring a heavy presence to the streets. The ideas are limitless with this group.

UNIQUE: We already have the Bon Tempe's under our grip, due to Mollie being one of the 4 titled Horsemen, Famine. This allows us to have stable ground to host meetings, as well as a hangout for anyone to really come down and write with us. It'll be a locale.

FLAW: There will always be the flaw of conflicting interests, if Malakai took a contract against a friend of loved one of another merc, there might be internal quarrel or a dispute settlement to be had. Snitches within' the Horsemen outing what targets they'll hit before it can happen due to the love interest, personal ties, family, allowing the target to call in reinforcements, or the factions they're aiming for to bolster their ranks or hide. There will also be the flaw of someone might fake a contract to lead a Horsemen into a trap, perhaps the PD using citizens to do so...

POTENTIAL ENEMY: The HPD would be one of the biggest enemies, obviously, an organized crime syndicate has no right going against them, however, they will look to make no enemies in the start, using scouts, pressuring citizens for information on targets. Kai and his group will find the ones that have no hidden ties to groups and aim for them first. Once he's in a power position he will probably have quite a few contracts that are aimed at certain factions and will have to fulfill them, ergo a war starting between that faction and the Horsemen.

EXPERIENCE:I'm very humble, forthcoming, and always willing to help those around me. I've been called a 'Shaman' in the way I am with people, always healing issues, problems, trying to coax them back into writing when they're 100%. I absolutely BURST at the seam with ideas, I've no fear in meeting new people, starting RP, even if they hate the character. Malakai isn't here to be liked, but he often is!

IDEAS:I already do engaging quite easily. Be it through a slight Twitter interest, then flowing into DM's planning a meeting. Or just walking up and giving them the scene they deserve, everyone under my wings get's my time, one by one, new ones especially. All of the other members are already brilliantly forthcoming and we're quite the coexisting crew of happily family.


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