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clio clary


By Invalidator deluxe

Type - Street gang


Members Serenity Zenovka, Atrophy resident



Saying what happens from there is very difficult depending on who is leading that concentrated chaos at that time. One maybe kidnap and torture, another may play mind games, an eye for an eye or maybe they will just exploit them the best they know how. The lack of law and order within this often makes their activities very unpredictable and it is often this they rely upon to use for their advantage and whilst Jared Comet maybe the mind that caused this, he very much is happy with the lack of order but will step up if he believes things are not going the way he had hoped for.


Jared never had any intention of a group forming, The was never intention for him to push further than he already had. However, when things began to pile up and push further away he did not like the idea of losing it all, something had to be done and after weeks of moaning his auntie began to push him and sculpt him. she saw him as their future and he came around to the idea of pushing his chaos further than he had before. Dove Comet was then brought into the fold, he mental state with her husband dying would be a great asset to them as they enter the infant stage of this path. With their help and convincing him to expand past the standard twitter trolling, the new conquest of chaos began. The trust of others joining them would be rare and a difficult path.

They income for Bedlam is purely from the sales of weed, in which they employ outside dealers to sell the weed that Marina herself is growing. They see no need for any other source of income as of yet but as things progress and change then they may look in to other branches of income



Bedlam currently has no intention of having a store as front for what they do, too proud to deny what they are what they do. However, Jared is currently working with dealers from out of the porn shop and to his knowledge he believes Clio and Dove do not know of this as of yet.


Vita is also currently in the middle of building a funeral home which may potential become the store front for them if needed


Jared.... Just Jared.


Seriously. Their thoughts of lacking Law and Order may suit then but it could also be their biggest flaw

Potential enemy

Dove having connections to the MC and Vita having Connection to the Order will open path ways to start stories with these two gangs. This will come in hand for an event which is planned and with hopes of gaining these two factions to aid us.



Having spent 9 years in Gor I was about to climb up the ranks and obtain positions which saw me leading raids, councils and sims. I believe I will be able to use these past experiences and convert them to the running of an urban gang. I'd like to believe I am honest and approach able, both qualities which should allow me to tell people openly whats happening, good or bad as well hopefully allow people to feel comfortable in approaching me in matters.


All of our members are friendly and welcoming people who strive for stories, I believe none of them would have a problem with welcoming any type of roleplayer, new or old, i any roleplay they had going on. Be that having a drink or simply abusing them.



We currently have a big event in the planning stages. We hope to lead a hostile takeover of the HPD station with the aid of others citizens and gangs. Whiles we are still planning this we shall be holding mini-events throughout the city. Rallies against the HPD and to gain the peoples support.

June 13, 2018 at 12:35 pm
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