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Kathryn, or rather Katharina Müller was born in East Germany, 1993.

And even though her parents told her now and then about times of oppression and empty stores - she never experienced anything like it.

She made it past high school without any major problems, some growing up pains aside, and lived a rather common, sheltered life. After school Kathryn decided to venture into arts and to turn her hobby, photography, into a profession.

But being another wedding photographer quickly turned out to be another boring job and not the artist life she imagined.

Street Photography sounded like a great idea. Traveling the world, meeting interesting people each day. Doing something that matters, that makes her photography unique seems to her exactly like the thing she was dreaming of. And something worth spending all savings for a trip around the world, from city to city.

When suddenly, in a city called Hathian... the bank terminal started showing a red zero.



Timezone: EU/UK, mostly late at night. Not each day though. RL can be a bitch.

RP Limits: I just don't want to wake up dead or with some body parts missing. Should I screw up in RP bad time, I am always willing to accept the consequence, but I am far to lazy to create a new story, just because someone decided to randomly shoot Kat or run her over with a car.

Playstyle: Dark, but immersive. I am here for the dark side of (2nd) Life and don't expect or want to play a Disney version of it. But please, don't expect a willing gorlike-nobrainer. In Character, Kat isn't here for sexual activities at all and in no way she will accept any kind of force or abuse willingly. There is a big OOC "Yes, please" for these things, but in character Kathryn is a human being with morals, feelings, ambitions, fears and demands.

English is not my native language but I will do my best to emote properly and descriptive. Being a german tourist, Kat may or may not speak a bit funny from time to time.

Even though I can write longer, descriptive paragraphed emotes, I prefer the mid-range of it. I do not want my partner to wait 5 minutes for his, or her turn and die of boredom at the keyboard in the meantime. But usually it's a give and take thing anyway and I never hat big problems with that.

What I do run away from however, is boring poseballhumping and stuff like that.

My opinion simply is, we are here for a story, together. If I would like to just watch cheap, badly made porn, I would go on YouTube.

December 24, 2017 at 6:16 am
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