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The word circled her mind as she jumped onto the last suitcase, using her weight to force the lid closed so she can latch it. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fucking is what got her into this, she reminded herself. Fuck.

Her breath hitches for what felt like the millionth time and she wiped angrily at her eyes to make sure no tears had escaped. She uses her foot to guide the bag to the stairs before giving it a good kick, sending it down with her following it slowly, only to kick it down the hall and repeat the process to the front door. Shouldn't be lifting heavy things, her brain mocked her. As she went down the hall after her back, she paused in her sister's doorway, palm pressed to the cool, almost freshly painted wooden frame. A glance over her shoulder let her see into Meli's room as much as she could form the doorway and she had to force herself to keep moving down the hall until she got to the bathroom.

It sat there mocking her.

The little stick with a digital readout so there'd be no mistakes. The doctor's blood work was in her file folder already, a copy sent back home ot South Carolina for her physicians there that'd be taking over the case. They knew how to handle her. Handle her. Like she needed to be handled. She had a moment of wanting to run down the stairs, grab her bags, and rush back up into her attic room, to hide away from the world but still to stay here. But she had to return to that place of horrible memories. Had to go back to everyone walking on eggshells around her.

Sucking in a long, deep breath, she heads down the stairs with a final pat to the suicide doors. Her luggage had already been taken out after she'd kicked it down the stairs, her father's driver giving her a concerned expression. They expected this from Echo, not her. Not the good one. The smart one. The one that was going to do something with her life... If she could live past the next nine-odd months. She mustered up the brightest smile she could and stepped out into the cool autumn day, giving her yard one last, memorizing look before getting into the car that would take her to her mother's house, hours away.

She twisted in the seat in classic movie fashion, looked back until they'd driven well out of the city limits. The landscapes of Hathian giving way to scenery she hadn't seen since she came to school earlier that year that seemed a lifetime ago; the fingers of one hand gently rub her new scar near her eye, the other going to her deceivingly flat stomach.

((Due to personal reasons I've had to leave CD but have been urged to not fully "leave" and simply do something with the possibility of coming back. Thank you to all those that have made my time here so wonderful and know I'll miss you, and hope to see you again!))

October 31, 2014 at 12:01 am
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