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Alright, so I've started up to say some on Twitter, but now I bring it here.

I'm in Cd for about 6-7 years now (or even longer so long now lol). I'm European and it ALWAYS have been hard for me to participate in events, due to the times they are set up nearly all the time.

I want to speak for all Euro-Players as there are quite a few on sim and not all of us are able to play through the night or stay up till the sun shows, cause we got jobs, family and kids and need get up early like all the others as well.

Now there are different Events and of course not all can be placed to Euro times, but honestly? If it's something sim wide like a Purge happens I'd like to take part of it. Sim wide events are important as they open the opportunity for RP'ers to come together and form new stories with players they might have not met yet. They include all players with an effect one way or another. Though they are made for exactly that. To bind the characters further into the over all town rp and keep them moving. Now, as for me? I couldn't take part in the Purge. Hell I've stayed up till 3am which is about 7pm SLT. There was nothing going on on sim at that time. When I got up like 5 hours later, the sim was empty again and all have happened and went down already. Now in this case, there wasn't even time for me trying to plan a sleep schedule so I maybe could take part and get my Character going, as she would have taken part in this for sure. A way better planning for such an event is dealy neccessary for us Europeans!! We NEED to plan our time schedules for stuff like this and need to know a lot earlier bout it.

This is not the first time really for me that this happen, but it's the first time I really speak up about this issue.

I'd like to remind the people and as well the Admins that there are enough Euro-Players on sim to take them into consideration more. I'd like to see such events to start at a SLT-am to noon time, so we Euro's can be a good part of it as well. Now you will say that all the US-Timezone can't take part or will have problems to do so. I think that every now and then the US-Players could deal with this issue, we gotta deal with every time, at last a few times? I know there are events starting earlier and all that, though it mostly isn't early enough for Euro, cause most of the times we only get the rare visited beginning and then can't stay through the whole event till it gets interesting or the real shit goes down. Which really sucks. Or when we lucky and get up early on the weekends, then we get JUST the end of the event and the 'main attraction' is long over. This sucks badly.

I do appreciate all that try to push their events to a earlier start already, though that mostly comes from shop owner and not with sim wide events. I appreciate any WKRK-DJ that put to earlier time and every shop owner that thinks bout us as well. Though people DO THINK please.

Noon SLT  is between 8-9pm for us Euro's and now imagine you gotta get up at 6am and want to take part in an event your Character would go to for sure. 🙂

Please y'all. This is not to bash at somebody or wtf. I'd like to bring this up for discussion to maybe find a solution.

I hope for productive responses.



March 19, 2017 at 12:04 pm
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March 19, 2017 at 12:15 pm
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March 19, 2017 at 1:20 pm
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