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((Just a little affectionate nod to Dead End 😉 ))

She had sat there staring at the computer for a long time just watching the web page, it was some snuff site on the dark web but she wasn’t there for the porn. It all disgusted her to the point she wanted to drag down the fuckers who ran it and slit the there throats, but that would take time and resources. With a shaky hand she reached for the mouse and forced herself to click on one of the videos, it loaded quickly and was titled ‘Alice gets what she deserves’. Maybe Dion had posted these, maybe the rumours were true and they had been leaked when that external hard drive had been lost, maybe the man was alive and taunting her. All good questions that were running through her mind, it made her sick to the stomach to know all that pain and torture was there for the world to see. After a very long moment she hit play and the video started with a momentary black screen before flickering to life, there was a girl in it curled up on the floor nude and crying to the point it sounded like she might vomit, it looked like it was filmed in some mould covered basement. She had long black locks in it that looked unwashed, her body was littered in wounds and bruises, there was a heavy collar hanging round her neck attached by a leash on the wall. That was when a man entered wearing leather trousers, shades and sporting a bright red Mohawk, he had dark skin and his naked torso was covered in satanic tattoos. The man circled the girl for a long moment as she pleaded and screamed at him that she would be a good girl and begging for him not to hurt her. He would reach for her with a hand almost gently stroking her face before producing a knife from his belt. The girl had seemingly calmed for the briefest of moments before the knife came into view. She began screaming at him to stop as he roughly grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to the ground, she was too weak from being starved to stop him as he began to carve symbols into her flesh, chanting at her about belial and how she had to serve belial and his children which of course Dion was one of belial’s children. It ended with the man looking up at the camera and grinning like a psycho before the footage cut out and the video ended. Alice’s eyes were wide and she was rocking back and forth as tears streamed down her face, the fragile girl with the long black hair was her and she felt it all like she was back in that basement again all those years ago. She quickly grabbed the monitor and tossed it at the wall watching it smash before grabbing her knife from her desk and running out her front door. It was too much for her to watch that but she needed to know if it was her, and now she knew.

June 25, 2020 at 11:14 am
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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