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Hi everybody,

Quick warning: I wrote a lot of his backstory so beware, long post ahead lol.

Chris Hyde’s story background:

Childhood – The Orphan and his mentor. Chris never knew his father. He lived is first years in this world with a distant alcoholic mom who end up abandoning him when he was 8yo. He ends up drifting in the streets of his home town, using robbery to survive. When he was 11yo, he met this old guy know by the name of Scarecrow, patriarch of a biker gang who start protecting him and tutoring him. They bond together and he start thinking he found a new dad. The old man starts to teach him boxing and free fight, make him listen to metal music, mainly Motörhead, teach him how to play guitar and write poetry. Scarecrow offered him his first guitar, a Gibson Les Paul. Around 14yo he discovers Metallica and became a huge fan of James Hetfield as he starts hanging out with the bikers as the boss son.

Young adult – From biker gang to the Navy Seals. When he was 18yo, he followed his new dad in a bank robbery that end up taking a bad turn of events. Scarecrow was killed by the cops and he end up in jail. He never forgives himself for the death of his “dad”. The judge gave him a choice, thinking there may be a chance to get this kid out of the street. The choice was simple, go back to jail or join the Marine Corp. As he didn’t want to end up in jail, he chooses to join. His skills in hand fighting and his ability to handle the pain make him famous in his unit until they gave him the nickname “Pittbull”. When he was 21, some officer come to see him in action. Impressed, he asks him to join the Navy Seals as Scout Sniper. He accepted and during this period, he never stopped practicing guitar and listening to Trash Metal.

Operation Sandstorm – From Haditha to drifter. During a secret operation in Iraq, near Haditha, his unit fall into an ambush. He finds himself isolated from the rest of his unit, surrounded, his unit in the incapacity to get to him as they end up with a lot of wounded. He just orders them to leave him, go back to the forward operation base, rearm, regroup and come back with reinforcements. He managed to stay alive for 3 days, isolated, running out of ammo and in the obligation to constantly move to avoid getting trapped. He managed to stay alive from this manhunt but at a high cost, 4 bullets in the body (one in his right leg, two in his right shoulder and one in the neck, a few inches from the carotid) that live him with chronical pains. When his unit finally get to his last position, it was too late. He’s been captured and tortured for 6 days before his unit finally find him and bring him back. As the medic taking him to the closest military hospital, he falls for a 6 week coma from all the blood he loose. With the order he gave to his unit to fall back to the FOB and leave him, all the wounded were healed and his unit miraculously ends up with no KIA. A lot of wounded, some of them pretty badly but no dead.  He was honored with the purple heart for his action with the mention “For exceptional bravery in a desperate situation”. As he wakes up from his coma, his body covered in scars and his back badly burned by acid, he made himself the promise to never hurt anybody again. He just resigned from the seals and start drifting again all over the country with his guitar as only companion. He finally ends up in Hathian, trying to clean up his act as he decided to become a CU lecturer to teach music and trash metal history, try to create his own trash metal band, try to open his own record shop and create his own recording studio. He’s now 33yo.

Basically, he is just a lost child, put in a world of violence really soon. He’s brilliant and very sensible but act like he doesn’t care about everything because it’s the only way he found to keep people in distance and avoid getting hurt. He tease a lot, as defense mechanism to keep the attention away from him. He found shelter in music and poetry, in “the zone”. He’s actually really shy, even if he pretends not to, and find in music and writing his only way to speak. He’s still lost in culpability and tortured by war flashbacks. He drinks a lot and smoke in an attempt to keep them under control and just get some sleep. He’s also in religion but never talk about that. He doesn’t go to church or thing like that but he believes in God. This is a part of him he never talks about except with Scarecrow, who always look amused by the idea.

I find the idea of a military background for a lecturer really funny in CU context. Let’s put some discipline in those trouble-makers ! :p

Just a quick question, is it possible for me to rezz my guitar stuffs to stream live ? I actually really play guitar and metal so I think this should be interesting If I stream while I really play guitar during lectures or live show events.

September 13, 2017 at 2:52 pm
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"This was never my story. It's yours. Now, don't screw it up, okay? ."

September 14, 2017 at 1:21 am
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