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Submitted by Pia ...

DATE: 03/08/11


GROUP NAME: The Daily Grind

TYPE: Coffee Shop

SLURL: Teleport

BACKSTORY: The Daily Grind. The name alone conjures thoughts of late nights at work, early mornings on your way to the office, and that proverbial hangout for everyone. How was The Daily Grind created? I couldn't tell you. But I could tell you about every day after that the past three years. What is the overall plan for this once great coffee kingdom? I plan nothing less than the revival of a hallmark of this community, a pillar that has withstood turbulent and tumultuous times. Let all those who know the name Daily Grind continue to depend upon its excellent, high-quality coffee, and let all of those newcomers, who have yet to come to this great city, learn the name their first day in town. To drink The Daily Grind's coffee is a part of Hathian life.

UNIQUE: How will The Daily Grind continue to stand out in this town? That's a good question. With a newly rebuilt city, comes a newly rebuilt Hathian life, and with all of the blood, sweat, and tears that will need to go into making sure this born again city stays on the path to success there will need to be something that the all-important workforce will be able to depend on to get them through. A great cup of coffee, a freshly baked muffin or bagel, delivered by baristas that are well-trained, well monitored, and have been trained to be able to give you the best service you never thought possible in a non-corporate coffee shop. New uniforms and an ingenious employee ID (used for timesheets, register access, and even an RFID chip) are only the beginning of a new year for The Daily Grind. With many events planned over the next month, it would be impossible for this flourishing city to grow without The Daily Grind's coffee in its foundation.

EXP:When I came to Hathian a little over three years ago, The Daily Grind was one of the first places I visited. Ever since that day, when I first put on my barista uniform, I knew this coffee shop was going to be something about my life I would be able to tell with honor. It was a month after I started selling coffee that I was promoted to Assistant Manager, and for the next six months I continued to shine. Slowly, but surely, I was rebuilding the Grind's image from a rundown shack serving sludge called coffee to a well staffed establishment that was known for not only its high quality items, but it's well-liked management as well. But that is nothing compared to the day I was made Manager. For the past two years, under my management, The Daily Grind has become an institution in this town, a place where all can gather, and a place where the citizens of this town can all be equal. Coffee is the great equalizer and I am its master.

IDEAS:For the new year, I've got many things planned. The top of the list being a heavy campaign to push traffic at the community college. Once the Grind's main location is rebuilt, I want to manage a staff at both locations, having them operate independently of each other, but all under the same banner. With the renovations to the campus, as well as new and exciting opportunities opening up every day there, I know The Daily Grind will have a large presence in all aspects of campus life. Already, there is a internship program with the school and the Grind, allowing for tuition to be paid in exchange for barista work. Parties, celebrations, and more parties! What fraternity/sorority doesn't like to let everyone on campus know they are the craziest bunch of crazies this side of the Mississippi? None of them! The Daily Grind will now offer party services, including DJ, beverages, and food. Finally, something I am really proud to announce. Coming soon, The Daily Grind will now offer a delivery service! Yes, no more late-night hours across town to get a cup of golden brown deliciousness! Now, placing an order (either by telephone or website) and having your sweet caffeine goodness delivered to your door is a reality! With all that is planned, there is still plenty of room open for ideas, suggestions, and input from this wide, vast community. I have always welcomed anyone to knock on my door and tell me what's on their mind.

OTHER:What more could be said about a business that has been here since the beginning, what can be said about memories associated with this infamous coffeehouse, and who can't laugh when they think of its benevolent coffee guru? I'd like to say that this small coffee shop is as much a part of me as it is every other person who lives in the city. After all, you can't rebuild the city if you don't rebuild the Grind.

Community: Please provide general feedback on this proposal, including comments, suggestions for improvement, advice based on your experience, or simply to show support if you like this proposal.

Proposal Author: Please use this thread and respond w/ any revisions to your proposal that you'd like to make based on community feedback you see here (highly recommended). Depending on community and staff review, this proposal may or may not proceed to trial stage.

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