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Hathian Labor Union

By: Brynn Montgomery (BrynnMontgomery Resident)
Type: Official business - Labor Union

BACKGROUND: (Applying for the Board Member 2 Teamster Manager position.)As a leader, I would take my business towards a direction of increased role-play via innovative ideas that strike interest and add zest to the experience itself. Seeing as this is a labor union, I think a weekly meeting to re-group and plan ahead is something that would be interesting. Also, sending new hires out to approach local businesses to inquire on the working conditions, and how employees are treated.. Possibly some type of white collar crime meeting, and planning, for some type of weekly "heist" of sorts.. I think this would get many people involved, motivated, and create a sense of a more personalized workplace. Of course, I'd always be open to any and all ideas!... Brynn (my character) is a very charming, assertive, and sweet 26 year old woman. She knows how to manage effectively, and her main strength is communication. She knows how to lead, and enjoys getting involved with other players and making things happen!

UNIQUE: By utilizing communication to spread the word of the labor union around town. Which, in turn, will increase public interest in the location itself.

EXPERIENCE: I'm a public relations college senior, currently. So, I have excellent communication skills and am very personable. I enjoy taking the lead, in a manner that gets others involved and excited. I feel that building relationships is the best way to lead, and that to lead effectively you must hear the opinions and ideas of all.

IDEAS: Gregariously! I plan on making new hires feel very welcome, explaining their roles, and duties. Just like a manager would in real life. I would begin engaging new hires in role-play immediately and give them chances to get involved and increase their role-play as well.

OTHER: A union strike for fair wages would be quite interesting, the possibilities are vast for this business. Possibly a union march through the city to spotlight the business and draw attention from the public, we could go many ways with this.

April 3, 2016 at 8:16 am
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April 5, 2016 at 8:53 pm
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