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By Leather bikergrrl






BACKGROUND: Domino came to town a backwood hick. She started attending classes at the University but then soon grew bored of them. That is when she decided to go to work at the Comiquities. Before Carter took over as manager she was already dressing up as Wonder Woman to draw customers into the shop. She has connections to many varied groups of people in town and is always friendly to new faces that come into town. She has brought up several ideas already for the store and some have had a chance to happen such as discounts and getting some of the employees to dress up in costume. She has reached out to businesses such as The Pie Hole to have delivery to the shop when there are game days. Though some of the ideas have not fully happened yet. She is determined to work them out so that they do as the current manager of the place.


UNIQUE: This business is right at the entry Hub for newcomers. This makes it the perfect spot to draw people into the community. This gives employees and others the chance to be there and interact with new people. It can specifically cater to the youth of the community by giving them their own special events and still feel open and welcoming to the more mature characters. I believe it has a lot of potential for roleplay ideas that I will discuss further in the other sections


EXPERIENCE:I have been roleplaying for 16 years pretty steady in different roleplay environments, not all of them Second Life. They all run about the same way when it comes to running a roleplay community. I began on a text based game 15 years ago and worked my way up to a being a business owner there. I have the experience of being the mediator OOCly between groups of people to try to keep everything running smooth. After that first place I did at least two other text based games where I did the same thing in owning, managing, and recruiting for my IC businesses. I do not go into running a place with rose colored glasses. I know it is a lot of work and there is as much OOC work in it as there is IC work but I also know the wonderful side of it. When you get to make an exceptional rp experience for the players. It is a wonderful feeling for me personally. My experience has not all been outside of Second Life. I ran a sim wide social/semi rp sim called Washtown for 5 years. I helped build it from the ground up and was basically the social butterfly of the sim. I handled bringing people in to enjoy the place, overseeing some of the roleplay, and most of all interacting with those coming to the sim to help them feel welcomed and learn how things were done there. Though I have not been in CD as long as some I think i can bring my experience to the community to help this wonderful rp community flourish.


IDEAS:My current ideas for the Comiquities is to continue growing the business the way I have been. Trying to greet the new employees and make them feel welcome and get them involved in the shop. Have them dress up and draw in others from the area with the Cosplay. They can stand out in front in costume and holler out about free comics and other business promotional items. Have them walk around town handing out flyers. I would like to create a regular game day or two for the community, one for the youths and one for the mature players. Perhaps dominos or some of the other varied games for the younger ones. Then for the mature players something like Cards Against Humanity . If possible (prims allowed) put in at least one working game that is low prim but can actually be played for those who want to come in to the shop and kill time while waiting for others to show up for rp. I would like to do events for the community that would work around other events that are being planned. Some specific events would be a Cosplay contest, game days, free comic book day (Complete with fake comic books to pass out). Want to robe the place? By all means go for it just remember ICA = ICC. Have a bigger story idea you want to run by me I would be more than willing to talk about it. The place would be ran by me but ultimately it belongs to the community so I would be open to anything that created rp for others.


OTHER:For a Grand re-opening I would like to put on a mini comicon. This would include, cosplay, freebies, food, and possibly a game or two going on. I would work with other community leaders to see what was actually feasible. I have stated a lot of things already but I really want everyone to know that I would be willing to work with any group that wished to make use of Comiquities. If allowed to have the shop I would be willing to discuss any and all possibilities with others. This does not mean they would all work with the shop but I would do my best to make it happen. Other than what I have stated I would let general ICA dictate the business but I feel my character could find creative ways to pull off situations brought to her so that even if the specific thing a player wanted didn't actually happen I'd go out of my way to at least create roleplay. An example of this is if a criminal organization wanted to use the business as a front but it isn't one I would personally align with we can still write a good story by them trying to convince me, harassing me, or however the player or players want to approach it. They may not get their goal but they would get roleplay that would be a foundation for other roleplay.

April 28, 2017 at 12:19 pm
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April 28, 2017 at 12:45 pm
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