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By: cняιѕ fιηɗƖєу (thedebtcollector Resident)
Type: Official Business - Comics Store

BACKGROUND: Under new management, Comiquities has been purchased by Ronald Lattimer, a Louisiana business man that owns a few other Comic Book shops around the state. A comic book nerd, Ron manages his comic book empire from afar. He’s rich, but also extremely fat and lazy and prefers to leave it up to the appointed managers to essentially run the business while he cashes in. There are rumours that he has connections to less than savory groups and that his comic book shops are a front for money laundering activities. Somehow the businesses seem to prosper even in the most derelict of towns... Having been working at the comic book shop now for a few months, Ron appoints Christopher ‘C.J.’ Findley Manager at Comiquities in Hathian. They made the mutual decision to keep the name ‘Comiquities’ as it’s a recognized brand in the community. Ron was enthused by the young man’s love of comic books and everything nerdy and C.J. having never had such an opportunity before in his life, plans to do right and help the business prosper. C.J. for the most part treats every employee with respect, he prefers knowledgeable, friendly employees. Though there are times when the upper management goes above him to make hiring decisions he doesn’t approve of. Employees might be required to go visit other businesses and inquire about doing cross-promotion, for example taking flyers and posters to The Grind, Berthier Bakery and the Pie Hole. We could also work with the local theater to help promote movies, like superhero movies and others that cater to the nerdy crowd that would visit Comiquities. For example, during a movie release, Comiquities could hold a cosplay event, raffle tickets to the Midnight release, etc. These could coincide with Real World movie events (think, current Deadpool movie and it’s success type of thing.) We could also be involved with Seaside, visiting the school, doing donations of old comics or as mentioned below, holding Art classes at the store for those students that are interested. There are plenty of after school activities at Comiquities. Event Ideas: Free Comic Book Day: a real life holiday which would be interesting to roleplay out. Takes place on the first Saturday of May every year. Comic Book shops around the country give one free comic book to patrons, with all the major comic book companies making special editions of their comic books for the special day. ‘Magic’ Saturdays: every comic book shop normally has a day a week where nerds gather in a basement other than their parents to hang out, play tabletop games, card games, or general video games. This could either be done weekly or bi-weekly depending on the demand. Cosplay Day: a monthly event where patrons are encouraged to come to the store in cosplay and receive a discount. This could be a fun way to get youths, adults, nerds and … non-nerds alike to get together and visit. Art School: having a College degree in Art, C.J. can hold Art classes in the comic book shop for those aspiring artists. This event would cater more towards the Youths of Hathian and could even be an extension of Seaside school. This could be done bi-weekly or monthly, depending on demand.

UNIQUE: Comiquities stands out because it’s a business that caters to the youth of Hathian and those that are young at heart. It could provide a fun and safe place for the younger residents of Hathian to come and hang out and foster a different kind of RP.

EXPERIENCE: I have been roleplaying in Second Life for about five years. I’ve ran a roleplay sim before in the past and taken on various IC and OOC staff positions in my years as an roleplayer. I have free time, I’m very approachable and friendly OOCly and would work hard.

IDEAS: We'll have monthly and weekly events at the store, encouraging those players that are interested in coming to visit and experience something different. I will also ask all employees to discuss with me either a background story or potentially roleplay them being hired, that way they have a strong connection to the store and it's management.

OTHER: Comiquities could do a giveaway. Like for example, give away some kind of Gacha item as limited edition collectibles for the first 15 customers who come in during re-opening day!

February 18, 2016 at 1:52 pm
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February 19, 2016 at 5:35 pm
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